Stepping Through the Gateway, Tangible Mission Embodiment

This blog is my rising. Welcome. I am grateful to write for us, to become a greater channel and messenger of these times. It is an honor, and a delight, the action and tangible integration of my own evolution. May it serve you, feed your soul, and offer insights deeper than the words and images. We are all Catalysts for change, sparking the process and actively participating in it together; Bridges from the inner worlds to the physical; Mirrors for one another in beautiful and challenging ways. Much gratitude to all who read as this is a feedback loop energetically is it not?! Already across time and space I feel those who will read this, and your energy and exchange is part of the infusion into these words. Hand in hand, we are not just walking home now. We ARE home, unpacking our bags and settling in as we build the New Earth together. Welcome Home.

2/20/2020 Gateway

These times are curious. There is much happening on the physical level all over the planet. What of the inner planes awareness that continues to surface within our consciousness? There is an awakening happening, of this those of us tapped in and tuned on are aware of at a somatic level. We feel the waves of energy as they change, we feel the love as it ripples through our energetic systems in our body, we are aware of the same energy as it pulses into the whole of creation. So, too, are we aware of the purges, the surfacing of old programming to be cleared and rewritten. This energy stimulates our very DNA to a deeper connection of the physical plane with our inner consciousness.

This is based in frequencies, in the very vibrations that we bring through our bodies. We are like living crystals, capable of holding specific energy. What we carry also emits and radiates out around us in what is known as the toroidal field. It has a reach that is proximal to our body, yet also extends into quantum physics of energy systems that are inter-dimensional. Each energy system affects the others around it, in the over-lapping energy merging that is inevitable. Depending on how much we have cultivated this energy, it can be very potent and intense.


We are all catalysts for each other, being activated by the energy frequencies of each other as well as what is happening within the collective consciousness. The strength of our energy awareness affects just how deeply these energies are able to reach into us. How much we have cleared is a significant factor as well. If we are a match, a mirror, to an energy frequency, be it “high” rather loving, or “low” rather based in fear, we become an amplification of that energy. Think Droste effect, an endless room of mirrors, amplifying the energy at each reflection. What we put in is what we get back out. Storms can be destructive, they can also be cleansing and purifying. Mirrors can show beauty, they can also show truths we may not be ready to see.

There is Hope, of course. Our energy systems seek homeostasis from the highest possible level of awareness they can recognize. When we are set to “level up,” we are open to this growth initiating process. A “trigger” is the activation of the next level of frequency going through our system and finding anything that is not compatible. The trigger is uncomfortable because it is pushing us to shift, to find the old programming that is no longer serving our next version of our awareness, learn from it, and upgrade. It is in all actuality a brilliant service to our evolution.

 The concept of trial by fire and the alchemical refinement of elements such as coal into diamonds, as well as the metamorphosis of butterflies and dragonflies, is the process we are undergoing. In many ways, this is known in the spiritual communities. Whether we have the terminology to describe the process in ways that can communicate what is happening, we have an inherent awareness that this is a process that is working for our highest good. Some part of us already knows. Yet, until we become fully accepting of this, it can wreck havoc on our lives. As always, education of the soul is the cure. Growth is two-fold, the process itself and the awareness of the process as it goes.

Within all of this, our missions are forming, our authentic, true selves are birthing and embodying, giving credence to this process as the recognition of the reason for it all begins to set in fully. We are at another thresh hold, another point of rising above the past process into the why and how it actualizes. This is the nature of the year 2020. Yesterday, being 2/20/2020, we are aware that there is a portal active, a chance to step further into this becoming, leaving the old behind. Are you feeling it?

Many of us have been doing this clearing and transmutation process for awhile now. We have reset so much so deeply that we are becoming less triggerable, and doing more to integrate the energies faster and with more ease and grace. This is the next step, to focus on the building, to bring that energy quickly into the rewriting and re-calibration of what is “next level” in our own personal evolution.

What is this next level? Can you feel the changes taking place within you? Old ways of thinking and reacting are dissolving, if you are doing the work to liberate them. Alignment is an active process, it is a participatory event. Yes, The Event is Happening, and it is coming from all angles of human consciousness, all paths of honestly seeking the Truth with a dedication to Love.

We have all been part of the past karmic entanglements unweaving. And we are not finished, let’s be real here. In many ways, the unveiling is just coming about. Blame and shame will not bring us out of this dark time. That is the very energy that keeps us looping within it. Many are speaking of ways that this has infiltrated our connections, and we can from a higher view see it happening. We say, act, do things that are NOT of our true character, not in alignment with what we know and how far we have come on our journeys. This is not more shame and blame, this is a call to witness, a call to see clearly, what has been happening, to target it so we can stabilize and transform the energy that it is into neutral energy that can be applied for our growth. Use compassion, offer kindness, see beyond the surface of someone’s breakdown and be a part of their breakthrough.

Here is the best part in my opinion. The saying “they tried to bury us but they didn’t realize we are seeds” is exactly what has been happening beneath the surface appearance of these inner circle conflicts. At the Heart of our being, we ALL are here as Love Warriors, we all have the true desire to see every single one of us rise and become the best versions of ourselves, to turn our fears to greater Love, to heal our wounds and soothe our own pain. To rewrite our subconscious programming with what we KNOW to be a better way to live, speak, think, be, do all of the above. In this, we have been in unity consciousness the entire time. There are ways we are working together despite what it appears as karmic dross surfaces, rears it’s ugly head, and forces us to purge the poison within our hearts and minds. At the core of it all, in the very eye of the storm, we are already at peace, already in harmony, already working together in coherence and collaboration in the ways that we truly, honestly are for love, peace and harmony. It is in itself a litmus test of integrity.

This isn’t to say there aren’t conflicts that should be addressed and reconciled. It is to say that there is always a potential for that healing and reconciliation to transpire because this inner awareness, love and desire to truly, honestly, find our ways to peace within our communities and circles of connections. If we truly are for what we say we are, it would only stand to reason that this is the reason for the conflicts in the first place, to create a disharmony that is so blatant that we cannot ignore it, and that it has the potential to rise into an equal and polarized unity of love. Energy is just energy, the polarization of which can be balanced out and harmonized when we choose to do so. We may not completely agree on everything, and that is natural to a diverse variation of our species. However, harmony and peace are the ways we choose to find loving compassion and working solutions that are benefiting to all involved, that at the very least, do no harm to one another in all ways, even the subtle that may not be realized by those speaking for this awareness. That takes a deep level of empathy, of really seeing and feeling each other as equals in how we matter to the whole. It IS possible. When Love takes the center of it all, when we get to the core of what all evolved humans would see as the foundations of life worth living on a shared planet.

So, how can we utilize our gifts and skills to reach this awareness and bring it all home to what is happening on the surface? It is in each and every relationship we have, and yes, starting with our relationship with self. Not just the self love that chooses to eat a healthier meal, or to make sure we get the exercise we need and take the time to take care of ourselves. It is the deep, inner shadow work, the honest, raw and real authenticity of allowing ourselves to feel what we feel, think what we think and investigate the origins of those feelings, thoughts and belief systems. It is the rooting out where there have been subtle and overt control and manipulation strategies playing with our lives, coloring our words and behaviors. Taking stock of our own level of sovereignty with absolute honesty, being willing to admit where we have been the ones to hurt others regardless of the why. Being willing to recognize that stems from an internal pain and ways that we are hurting ourselves by not facing our own shadows.

This is not comfortable work. It is the burning away inside of us of that which has taken root through generations of programming. Yet, we are made to do this, we are here in this process because we are fully capable of this Love revolution. And there is indeed the bliss that comes with the deep purging, the waves of what comes through as we clear space for Love to fill more of our being on all levels and all dimensions. We must be willing to hold ourselves to the same standards we have for our fellow humans. It does us no good to take shots at one another to throw stones when one lives in a glass house. It is easy to see where we think another is wrong, it is far harder to turn that mirror in on yourself, to root out your own unhealthy mind and heart, to honestly see and feel the empathy of knowing when you are the one who is the source of the attack.

To bring all of this to light as gently as possible, our opinions and views of each other must come with as much compassion and innerstanding as possible. We do not know all the reasons why someone is in the situation they are. Nor is it our place to chide them into alignment. You get more bees with honey than vinegar, my mom is fond of saying. Lovingly offering assistance rather than berating, judging or belittling someone is far more likely to help them come through whatever they are facing. I agree, if you are not in a space to help someone, or if you feel the energy turns to dragging you both down, walking away, setting boundaries and admitting you need to regroup, heal and grow in yourself before you are able to address that exact exchange, is the mature thing to do. It is OK. Some interactions and connections bring this toxic energy to play far more than others, simply by the nature of the combined situations and frequencies that are being purged. This is not to say either side is weak or somehow flawed in our worth or ability to heal and apply our greatest potential. It is the way that the divide and conquer energy has infiltrated our communities, and the ways that the healing is showing us just how deeply the wounds have been. See it for what it is. Find where you can bring Love to the situation as much as possible and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is very possible that is exactly what the medicine of unity is asking of us, to find the right connections to address each energy so that it actually gets HEALED and not exacerbated.

All of this is coming forward despite how convoluted it seems to be. Focus on the ways that Love and community are making leaps and bounds in how we are bringing about the solutions together. Gathering with those who are able to hold space for us, where we feel safe enough to be vulnerable and real, where all of this can reach into these depths without turning against us even more in the process. No one needs to be brought to a sacrifice party for another to rise. That is old programming, old ways of warlike and domination zero sum games. Release that, liberate yourself from the need to be the top player all the time, and remember that it is within true circular, equal, empowering circles that the greatest work is accomplished.

We can face all of the challenges that are before us. Peace, harmony, loving ways of co-operation and community are more than possible. Each group of us that finds solutions and implements them locally, in our own lives and the lives of our neighbors, family and communities, offers another solid foundation for the energy to turn the tides. As within, so without, microcosm to macrocosm, ripples of loving unity affect the whole in ways that we can’t even fathom yet. Thank you for each choice to step in and be the change, to be more loving, more caring, more aware, more compassionate, more willing to face your own transformation and take responsibility for it. Thank you for the ways you are supportive, and see the good at the core of others regardless of what battles they are fighting on the inside. Archetypes of the hero are within us all, especially when we recognize that the most important villain to conquer is our own internal self sabotage so that we are not out picturing that into our relationships with others.

Love is always the answer. Empowerment of others is the empowerment of ourselves. Human evolution is within every single one of us. Find the inner emotional intelligence to actualize it so you can truly, honestly, encourage that in others. Find gentle ways to speak your truth that aren’t set against others with the covert intentions to bring them down to prove you are righteous or better in some way. Careful with that double edged sword, as the more aware we become the easier it is to see that happening beneath what seems to be well intended bringing situations to light. Is there a kinder way to address a situation without making it a competition and one upmanship?

 This can go on, as we still have so much work to do. Yet, we have also come so far. Celebrate this awareness, let the good be there for moments of purely feeling the bliss of being within the states of Love that we are becoming more and more of. If we are to build the new to make the old obsolete, we must give more time and energy to the building and celebration of that. Give Love space, and Love will fill it.

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