2/20 to 2/22/2020
Red Self-Existing Serpent,
Blue Planetary Storm,
Yellow Magnetic Seed
Embodiment Through Kundalini Life-Force Energy Generation, Manifesting a New Earth through Awareness

2/20/2020 Gateway Opens to 2/22/2020 Portal

Here we are, within another portal, one that has been looked forwards to for many moons. 2/22/2020 marks a day within the Gregorian calendar as a significant numerical marker. There is some energy around the skepticism of these beliefs which is a confirmation of the embodiment of them into collective consciousness. When cognitive dissonance arises, the merging of a new energy is currently working on the old programming, and the resistance comes through for those sensitive to it. This can all be seen within the astrological markers and the information surfacing within our Tribe.

I was guided to note Christina Papageoriou’s post first thing this morning as I sat to write. Brilliant Worldbridger that she is, she found the link of the energetic Dragon leylines as they relate to the kin today, Red Self-existing Serpent guided by Red Self-existing Dragon. In them, she was led to look at the pyramid at Cholula, Mexico. As a celebration of Unity, I am using the western astrological chart from there at 2:22am today. I had already saved the chart for Mt. Shasta on 2/20/2020 intending to write that day and as this is where the energy of flow for these writings comes through the closest as I live in Northern California. Connect the dots, and Christina mentioned the lava flows, volcanoes. The fire element is playing strongly in these charts, and in fact, the aspect lines look like volcanoes complete with red, hard aspect lines through their centers! Nothing is by chance, we are guided to see what is being sent through all lenses simultaneously.

To begin, both charts have Sagittarius rising. An umarked trine to Chiron in Aries conjunct Venus in Aries is holding the perimeter of the pyramid/volcano shaped aspect lines. The hard aspects shown in this chart are squares. The only oppositions, also not drawn, are Mars in Capricorn opposite North Node in Cancer and Chiron in Aries opposite the Midhaven, the 10th house.

Mars in Capricorn is fire in earth, masculine energy within the structure of the patriarchal form, rules and regulations. As we have been seeing, North Node in Cancer, the watery sign of the matriarchy, has been leading us towards the Goddess rising as we balance out polarities of masculine and feminine energy. The key today is just this, the number 2 represents duality, polarity, balance within oppositions. In the Dreamspell, Tone 2 Lunar is Polarity, Stabilization, and Challenge. 2/20/2020 was Blue Lunar Night in the Dreamspell, ruled by Saturn, which was in the Capricorn foursome. Today, being a Tone 4 Self-existing day, we have a doubling exponential 2² power, sacred geometry of bringing the Trinity into greater balance as 3 from yesterday, Yellow Electric Seed, becomes 4. Mars is nearly at 2°44” in fact in the chart for 2/20, a foreshadowing! Numbers being the language of the Universe, this is a beautiful synchronicity. The masculine energy as we step fully into 2020 has been on point, showing up with passion, fire, and drive to take action on all of our missions and projects. Fully supported through this dynamic, kinetic opposition with the Mother North Node in Cancer and Venus in Aries, the feminine within is doing the work right along side him. Venus in Aries opposition to the Midhaven brings in MISSIONS, as the 10th house is all about career, what our life’s work is this lifetime. Take note. This is part of the foundation through these portals of the last 3 days.

Remember that hard aspects are kinetic energy, pure potential of charged power, capable of providing support much like Tone 4. Squares and solid geometrical structures with right angles and flat lines of opposition are wonderful foundations for growth, powerful bases to stand on. This takes us into the quadruple energy of Capricorn on 2/20/2020, Saturn the ruler of the sign, Pluto, Jupiter, and the Moon. As has been noted for all of 2019 and the exact conjunction in January, Capricorn and Pluto have been deeply rooting out the patriarchal energy, purging and dredging up all the distortions and poison stingers, Pluto rules Scorpio, within the political and religious arenas. Rules and regulations, the structures of our cultural belief systems, are getting a massive overhaul. Apocalypse means the great unveiling. (It is 10:44 as I write this…note the Sidereal Time of the Mt Shatsa chart is 12:12:02, 12×12=144 which comes in later keep reading!) The new programming for masculine energy, the reconciliation and re-calibration of the patriarchal energy is happening now. That term, patriarchy, like God, has taken on so much heavy, judged energy. Many people place the world’s horrific situation in the hands of the patriarchal domination that has thrown us out of balance in the last few hundred years. Healthy masculine energy is like the square, it is structural, logical, supportive, form, foundational. It offers safety and a holding space for the emotional, intuitive, flowing, feminine.

Bring in the Moon that was in Capricorn on 2/20, now in Aquarius 2/22, Venus in Aries and the North Node in Cancer and we have a bigger picture of how this is all bringing us to merging these two energies. The feminine within the masculine is the yin within the yang. The nurturing, healing energy of Chiron conjunct Venus in Aries, feminine healing the self-identity wounds, along with the Moon in Capricorn, emotional intelligence, aiding North Node in Cancer, feelings and intuition as the Motherly nurturing, gives us fire, water, and earth, which is LAVA. To continue on this thread of awareness, the squares of red lines are from the 4 in Capricorn to Uranus in Taurus, rEvolutionary embodiment of beauty and form with a dedicated strength for the long term goals, and Venus in Aries, feminine passion and empowerment. Earth and Fire, masculine and feminine, Mars and Venus with Taurus ruling Venus, embodiment of beauty and earthly abundance, Mars ruling Aries, passionate new beginning energy, and Uranus the planet of Aquarius rEvolutionary age of shifting of the societal past into the new age, embodiment in Taurus and Capricorn, bringing it all to the physical plane for full manifestation. The Moon moving into Aquarius an air sign and ruled by Uranus, now in a sextile to Venus in Aries, shifts as the Wind brings messages of Spirit of where to direct our passionate feminine energy. As the Moon came through Capricorn, the healing and union of emotional intelligence was a foundation to the unity and collaboration of Moon in Aquarius especially in alignments with Venus. The healing is within communities as the feminine nurturing takes lead within all of us. Merging the strength of the masculine with the nurturing, creative spark of the feminine, we are becoming a better version of ourselves to heal the whole. In the Dreamspell we are in the White Wind wavespell, Spirit, Breath, Communication, a synchronicity with Aquarius air. More as we explore the kin of today.

An interesting note here is that the Sun in Pisces is in the middle and semi-sextile the Moon on 2/20 then Jupiter on 2/22 on one side and Venus on the other, a Trinity of sorts as well. More balance of the Sun and Moon with the Goddess Venus in masculine sign Aries holding the third point, moving into a beneficial expansion of Jupiter taking the place of the Moon. This mirrors the mountain itself as the soft aspects of Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus as the base and Sun in Pisces sextile as the peak. This morning, this volcano/pyramid is right side up, above the horizon, with Capricorn in the 10th and 9th houses and the peak of Pisces in the 11th Uranus in Taurus as the rising. This mirror feels significant to note as well, as we see as above so below being reflected in what we are bridging from the dream underworld of Pisces into the physical plane. Our work in the world, missions coming fully online. Also, the Midhaven to the IC is akin to the spine, kundalini activation and our connection to the higher realms through our soul star chakras and the Earth through our chakras below our feet rooted in Mama Gaia. The opposition of the Moon’s Nodes between Capricorn and Cancer are in this alignment in the charts this morning. Father Sun in the skies, Mother Earth in Cancer below the horizon. If you take a moment to feel this alignment, how you felt this morning, the energy feels like it is supporting us to stand up straight, to come into alignment to receive the full kundalini activation and flow.

This brings us deeper into the Dreamspell and Mayan kins. Today in Dreamtime is Red Self-existing Serpent, the very kin of kundalini energy. The mantra is:

I Define in order to Survive,
Measuring Instinct.
I seal the Store of Life-Force
With the Self-existing tone of Form.
I am guided by the power of Birth.

Red Serpent is ruled by Maldek in the Interplanetary Holon, along with White Wizard. If you read back in my Notes on Facebook, you will see I have suggested two evolutions of this kin, one is that it be ruled by Chiron instead of Maldek with White Wizard. Maldek was destroyed as we become technologically imbalanced, where we stand on the brink of on Earth now. Maldek became the asteroid belt. Chiron, the wounded healer, has been included in astrological charts along with the planets for years now. It is the healing of the awakening of our chakra systems and kundalini that is the basis of our reawakening, so that we learn to THRIVE instead of survive. White Wizard, the analog of Red Serpent, is our mastery, our inner alchemist, the old, wise Wizard as Chiron himself is. (Note the end of this White Wind wavespell is White Cosmic Wizard.) Add these two together, kundalini, and the ability to use that Life-Force to Enchant and Receive the flow from the Timelessness of Source, and we have Chiron. We have the Opportunity to do this differently this time around, we don’t have to follow Maldek’s timeline. All of the energy in Capricorn restructuring of our systems is the key indicator here now. Structure and Form is informed by energy, kundalini animates our bodies, our very Life-Force, and its the same as the energy all around us and flowing through the Earth and all the cosmos. Red Self-Existing Serpent is the Instinctual awareness of our very Life-Force Birthing a new Form, a New Earth, with the aide of us becoming White Self-existing Wizards.

The guide of Red Self-existing Serpent is Red Self-existing Dragon, Birth, Being and Nurturing. Here, we have a synchronicity with Cancer North Node and Venus in Aries, Mars in Capricorn. Mars and Aries are the first, primal sign of the Zodiac, Red Dragon is the first Tribe of the 20, Birthing and Being, the Self becoming Form, reBirth. Chiron in Aries is the healing of self-identity, where we reach deep to become our most authentic selves. As I keep saying, Red Serpent and White Wizard seems to fit with Chiron. Red Dragon is the Mother nurturing aspect of the kundalini leylines of the Earth, the Dragon lines. The blood of lava flow within our Mother Earth is the fire, water and earth combined to create liquid Form, the alchemical movement of blood into Being as it solidifies into volcanic rock.

As the Spiritual energy of Pisces at the apex of the aspects of today’s charts, we see Mercury, Neptune and the Moon coming to join them as she moves through Aquarius into the New Moon tomorrow in Pisces. Symbolically, the Sun and Moon will unite at the apex of the volcano/pyramid in the Spiritual sign of Pisces, within the Spirit kin wavespell of White Wind. The Breath of Communication with Spirit speaks yet again! Quetzalcoatl, the air Feathered Serpent is certainly at the helm of this portal. Mercury and Neptune ruling Pisces offer the synchronicity with Communication from the Spirit world, through us personally, as the Sun and Moon are the most inner planetary placements of the Zodiac. What is coming through the pyramids and volcanes at this time is written in the stars. As above, so below, manifesting into Form and Measurement (sacred geometry and number sequences) through the Self-existing tone 4.

The antipod today is Blue Self-existing Eagle. Create, Vision, and Higher Mind offer the bigger picture, and link back to ruler Jupiter in Capricorn, expansion of rules and regulations that benefit all rather than the few. Jupiter conjunct Saturn and Pluto, with the South Node here is still a boon giver, a softening of the intense transformation the structures of our society is undergoing. Jupiter and Blue Eagle call for justice in a way that sees the bigger picture, that takes all perspectives into account. We are seeing the bigger picture of what is coming into Form and Manifestation as we Create our Visions for New Earth. This is the compass of Red Serpent and White Wizard in how to direct the Enchantments and kundalini Life-Force, the healing feminine energy coming in through Self-existing tone and Venus and Chiron in Aries. Mercury is always present here as well, as the mind in the Zodiac is the winged messenger. Again, self-actualization, healing, self love and all of these messages are showing how the personal embodiment is the core of these transformations. Each of us coming into greater balance and harmony within, union of masculine and feminine energy, heart and mind, offers a greater Energy for the whole to restructure. The feminine Nurturing turn to Permaculture and Eco Restoration is exactly this merger.

The next piece is the Occult kin in the Dreamspell, Yellow Planetary Warrior. Yes, the Perfection, Producing, Manifestation of Questioning Fearlessly the Intelligence of what we are doing on our dear planet Earth is vital now. Our very Survival or Thirval depends on our inter-dependence on our Planet Earth. How much more CLEAR can it be made?! The Rainbow Warriors are Yellow Warrior, especially in this tone 10 as we align with Gaia fully as our Chief. She is the lead, the kundalini Life-Force that sustains and Nourishes us. Survival is to continue Life in physical Form. Yellow Warrior is ruled by Saturn, the masculine side to Blue Night which as the Dreamtime kin two days ago, 2/20/2020 portal. It is a continuum, a bringing together of the masculine and feminine energy as the unions within and without continue to take place. Union is not a static, one time event. It is an ongoing, living, breathing, way of Being. Red Dragon within White Wind wavespell is the Being of our Spiritual Communication, the Embodiment. Through becoming the Wizards and Warriors that we are, we support the Birthing of this Aquarian new age, through the Moon Goddess today and Uranus in Taurus, embodiment of the rEvolution through the Beauty way, abundance via community gardens and growing our own food.

Do you see all the connections coming together as they always do? Take a moment. Breathe it in. Feel and think about what is being brought forward here. Allow your Emotional Intelligence to be activated and fed by your kundalini awakening. Take a moment, stand up, stretch your arms above your head and then bend down arms towards your feet and Gaia, lifting back up towards the sky as you breathe in deeply. Open up your spine to Receive greater kundalini flow, to connect the Sky above and the Earth below you THROUGH you. Breathe. White Wind is blowing in the changes with Aquarius Moon, anchoring in Taurus into Venus to heal with Chiron, as we become our full, embodied True Selves, Spirit in Body.

Now, let’s look even deeper. The Mayan kin today is another synchronicity. Blue Planetary Storm, in direct reflection with the 4 and 10 tones of Red Self-existing Serpent.

I Perfect in order to Catalyze
Producing Energy
I seal the Matrix of Self-Generation
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation.
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.


The refinement of what we are Producing and Manifesting, Embodying, recognizes the power of 10, as a Perfection, an Accomplishment, as we reach another rung on the spiral of rEvolution. As we Produce kundalini Life-Force Energy with the Catalyzation of each other and Gaia Herself, this is the great awakening coming into a new Earth Manifestation and Form. Some are saying we are in a Tsunami of Love, an inner Storm of this Energy we choose to share as we see the power of a Storm can be kinetic Energy used for a greater purpose, with intentions set in LOVE. Note the analog and antipod are Yellow Planetary Sun and Red Planetary Moon, a reflection of the New Moon. They offer Universal Water and Fire, Purification and Enlightenment of Life and Flow. Masculine and feminine balance with our kundalini swirling around the eye of the Storm as the Peace, Harmony and Love inside of us. The guide is Blue Planetary Hand, Healing, Knowing and Accomplishment. Healing the planet is KEY now, as we are an integral part of Earth. The Occult kin mirrors the Dreamspell wavespell as White Self-existing Wind. The Spirit Communication is most certainly coming through.

Blue Storm and Yellow Sun are ruled by Pluto. Bring all of this information into the very core of the Energy of the Planetary alignments and Pluto is right in there in Capricorn with Saturn and Jupiter, stirring things up and cleansing in so many ways. Some of it is tumultuous, let’s not sugar coat this. The Storms of Purification are here to bring us into greater alignment, so we can hear, see, feel and BE the Energy of what Spirit is Communicating. Breath work is an amazing tool to use in these days as always. Moving kundalini Energy is important. Ecstatic dance is another amazing way to really get into these activations and embodiment. Yoga, just walking in nature, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, find some kind of movement to ground in the somatic experience. Meditation is key with the pyramid messages through Spirit and Pisces and Aquarius alignments. Bringing all this Self-existing and Self-Generating Energy into our Manifestation is the Perfection and Accomplishment. It is the way through the portal. Perfection, 10, is about leveling up. It isn’t about a static end, or a state that is without flaws as much as it is about reaching an appreciation of the culmination, seeing all as Perfect by acceptance of what IS without resistance. This brings us to a save point so to speak, another thresh hold and peak that we can surmount and begin again at 0 on the next rung up the spiral.

On that note, the last and final codes today are the Unified Kin. Add Red Self-existing Serpent with Blue Planetary Storm and we get 5/4 + 18/10 = 24/14 = 4/1. Yellow Magnetic Seed, kin 144. This key kin within the time sequences if you are following them in the Dreamspell information is a potent access point for the beginning of the Dreamespell information coming into Manifestation through Jose and Lloydine Argeulles. In the Mayan kin, Yellow Seed Kan is also linked to kundalini, also know as Lizard or Snake. The magnetic tone is the first tone 1,Unity, Purpose and Attraction. It draws together all the kin for the wavespell that kin leads. In the Dreamspell, Yellow Seed is Target, Awareness, Flowering. Indeed, this portal 2222020 is about the Flowering of consciousness, Targeting our Purpose, Awareness of Unity, Flowering to Attract the cross pollination of our combined Self-existing Self-Generating Energy. Aquarius Moon, offering the feminine Nurturing Dragon Energy to Birth as Seeds sprout up and Spring begins.

To close, this portal can be integrated by getting outside and enjoying the Flowers blooming, tuning into the leylines, kundalini moving exercises and listening to the Spirit Wind as it Communicates the information you need personally to Embody your Manifestation into a Form that benefits the Planetary Awareness. Bring it all together in whatever way these terms and archetypes ignite in you today. Happy New Moon tomorrow, may we find ourselves dancing on the next rung of the spiral.

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