White Solar Dog Aligns with Aries and Capricorn squares, Balanced by Pisces

2/27/2020 Supercharged Potentials for Inner Growth and Self-Actualization of Missions

Capricorn and Aries squares are always incredibly challenging, especially if they are directly in your chart. The push to recognize where we aren’t living up to our full potential is heavy in these alignments, as Aries is our inner fire energy to action and Capricorn is the Father, discipline, structures, rules and regulations. Childhood traumas with discipline and authority can cause hitches to this cardinal square of fire and earth energies. Positive growth makes for highly successful people, self-disciplined and capable of infusing their projects and missions with powerful, seemingly unending energy. Add in the Pisces conjunctions of Sun, Mercury and Neptune and the potential to take action on our dreams through creative expression is incredibly powerful today if we use the energy to our benefit.



Through this week, Aries is really getting into our emotional healing, especially with Chiron in the mix as Venus, and now the Moon, transits through Aries and into Taurus. Uranus in Taurus is right next to the Aries conjunction today, revolutionary charges to embody and become pulsing into our feminine energy, our emotions and intuition, offering new ways of healing if we are receptive to them. Taurus and Aries can both be stubborn and determined, which can be a benefit as they offer the energy and tenacity to get things accomplished. On the flip side, they can feel like we are up against a wall, or at a dam ready to burst with no outlet. Aries is the child, the raw and innocent impetus for action, the rush of beginning energy, like the last push of birthing a child. It can be intense and overwhelming, passion that turns to anger if it has no real direction.

Venus and the Moon with Chiron bring this root energy to healing the emotional and feminine wounds, where we felt a lack of nurturing and care, where we have perhaps not listened to our intuition and come into challenging situations. Turning this around takes this deeper dive into our emotions, to the core and root, unflinching and fully upfront with ourselves about what we find and feel. Allowing ourselves to go into our emotional body, bringing this energy to healing and nourishing ourselves with our own inner feminine strength, offers us great opportunity to revolutionize this side of ourselves. Self-responsibility, awareness, knowing of oneself, self-love, self-identity, all of these keys are here within this feminine cauldron of emotions and intuitive guidance. Doing something active that honors our feelings and emotional awareness while allowing our minds to take a break is highly recommended.

Mars in Capricorn with Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and south node are squaring off with the Aries, creating an intense pressure between the masculine and feminine energy as well as the inner child and sense of responsibility and discipline as stated. Issues of the past are likely to be dredged up, especially around our feelings about how we are structuring our lives, and how our relationships have been part of that. Childhood traumas, authority figures as a challenge, our own mastery and stepping up into who we truly are with ACTION in the world is very charged today. As always, the energy is either a challenge, or a boost forwards, depending on what healing and traumas we are still holding onto. If we are fairly clear, this square can super charge us to skyrocket into missions and careers, fueling the channels already built of discipline and structure, like a building that has been cleverly erected now bursting with electricity and buzz, ready to express and show all that has been prepared up to this point in our lives.

Sun, Mercury and Neptune are in Pisces, squeezed between the square, which can create either high energy for action and balance, or a mental nightmare of what is being brought up. Again, there is the evolved side of the aspects, planets and signs, and there are the challenging energies as we learn and grow, integrating these archetypes into our specific life paths. This is the key point here, these kinds of alignments are super charged, pinging energy between 3 points with every planet present. Whatever we are experiencing, it is amplified tremendously.

Pisces is the dreamer, creativity, artist, story teller, mystic, spiritual adviser and so on. Sun is our ego and Spirit selves merged when accessed right, our main current of who we are within the Zodiac, a core component. Mercury is communication, messages, expression. Neptune rules Pisces, and amplifies and supports that energy exponentially in the exhalation of being in it’s own sign. Saturn is also this in Capricorn now. These 3 planets in Pisces offers a softening of the square above, a mid-point where our dreams can be the focus of both the cardinal action based alignments of Aries and Capricorn. This is where we communicate our dreams, receiving the influx from Spirit and our higher consciousness, the life we have been desiring to express. This can be an amazing time for missions as stated above, where our dreams have the energy, discipline, structure, and passion behind them to be expressed and communicated in amazing ways. The rEvolutionary energy that Uranus provides brings a very potent embodiment through the Goddess archetype, offering a Heart based birthing that is profound and life altering.

In the Dreamspell, we have White Solar Dog. The affirmation offers a reflection of the death and rebirth of our Intentions, Realizations and ways we Pulse within give and receive of Love, Heart and Loyalty:

I Pulse in order to Love
Realizing Loyalty
I seal the Process of Heart
with the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Death.

This reflects the astrological alignments well as the rEvolutionary energy of Uranus and transformation of Pluto offer the life-death-life cycles for us to further fine tune who we are from a Heart based, intuitive awareness of Venus, Chiron and the Moon in Aries. The Loyalty comes in also with Capricorn as the discipline to be our True Selves and bring in Spirit with authenticity through Aries. What are our Heart Intentions? How can we Pulse this passionate, emotional, Heart energy out to offer more Love to our relationships as we find more Love within ourselves? The healing of Chiron and self-identity impulse has so much support in this alignment across the lenses of Dreamspell and the Zodiac.

White Dog holds the analog of Red Solar Moon and antipod of Yellow Solar Sun and is ruled by Mercury. This is another confirmation and reflection in the Zodiac alignments today. The Moon in Aries with Venus and Chiron and Mercury, Neptune and the Sun in Pisces as written above are offering us access to our Dreams getting supercharged with emotions, intuition and healing. Nurturing energy of the Goddess again surfaces here, fully supported by the masculine Mars/Aries energy if we use the discipline of Saturn and Capricorn well. Our masculine is being asked to stand up for our feminine, giving her a safe container to express and bring forward the full intensity of her passionate dreams and intuitive guidance. They can be at odds if the intentions are miscommunicated, so being very aware of our communication with respect to ours and other’s emotions is a huge key today. Heart and Mind union is the core of White Dog and Red Moon joining with Mercury. Pulses of deep Love and messages of Heart based energy can be tapped into and created today. Use this opportunity wisely!

The guide today as White Solar Worldbridger, where Death, Opportunity and Equalization are the terms. White Worldbridger is ruled by Mars, and we see how Mars is offering the clearing of past structures and bringing balance to the masculine and feminine energy. The Opportunity of the alignments are asking us where our Intentions to Pulse this Heart based energy can Equalize through our minds Mercury is also the thought process itself. Venus in Aries is one point of this being shown, the feminine within the masculine and vise versa. Love as the bridge shows us where nurturing and compassion can couple up with the dynamic masculine logic and structures.

The occult kin is Blue Overtone Monkey, tone 5 is always with tone 9. Commanding, Empowerment and Radiance offer us another channel through which to recognize our sovereignty as we use Saturn and Capricorn to command the structures and discipline so we can Empower ourselves and offer the Radiance of our actualized selves to Empower others. Blue Monkey is Playfulness, Magic and Illusions or fantasy. This lines up with the Pisces and Aries energy as our dreaming and creativity comes into Playful inner child healing. The Magic is in how we use our Heart based, intuitive feminine energy. Blue Monkey is ruled by Venus, another synchronicity with the two lenses. The mother and child energy, the feminine nurturing of our inner child, is the guidance of how to soften the call for self-discipline and structures. Our inner child needs these structures and discipline to grow to full potentials just as the feminine fire does well like the walls of a cob oven containing the potential to cook our food in a natural yet potent creative energy.

In the Mayan kin, we have 2 Kaan, Yellow Lunar Seed as the added energy. This is the Polarization Challenging to Stabilization of Targeting to Flower Awareness. Yellow Seed is ruled by Jupiter, which is in alignments with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn as we saw. Kaan is corn, food, sustenance, and in some descriptions represents business. This is exactly the foundations of missions, careers, what we are doing in life as we Seed with Intentions to Flower and gather the Fruition of our efforts. The Polarization is a synchronicity with the balance of masculine and feminine energy, again offering the union and inter-dependence of what could be opposite energies. Stabilization is Capricorn and Saturn, the foundations and structures that we set, the Earth within which we plant the Seeds and how.

The guide of this kin is Yellow Lunar Warrior, the Rainbow Warriors, bees, those who are here to bring balance through the inner union of Polarization, thus Stabilization and Targeting what needs to change. The anlaog is Blue Lunar Eagle, the Vision, Creativity and higher Mind as the bigger picture of what it means to see the Polarization come into Stabilization through Creativity which is also the Heart and emotional feminine energy. The antipod is White Lunar Wizard, the self-discipline and mastery of the integration of Polarities within, which brings the Enchantment, and Receptivity of Timelessness to the Awareness of what we are planting and how it affects across all timelines. The occult kin is Red Crystal Earth, the soil of Cooperation, Dedication and Universalizing that is the focus of what our missions are here to do for the whole.

The Unified Kin today is thus 10/9 + 4/2 = 14/11, White Spectral Wizard. This brings it all home in relation to the Zodiac, as White Wizard is the self-mastery of our ability to Enchant, Receive and become Timeless as spoken of above. Love, Heart and Loyalty of White Dog brings the Seeds of our Intentions to this inner mastery, where our life purpose is the focus. This is exactly the messages of the Zodiac today, bringing our self-discipline and inner-child together with our masculine and feminine balance, the Trinity of Father, Mother, Child within, so we can make progress on our life path in ways that offer our work to the world. White Spectral Wizard is in the Yellow Seed wavespell, another galactic activation portal as is Yellow Lunar Seed. The supercharged energy of the combination offers another reflection of the Zodiac information. We are guided to Seed and Harvest our full potentials today, to really get into who we are and why we are here individually. The 11th tone Spectral is Dissolve, Release, Liberation, reiterating the life-death-life cycles of Pluto with the south node, Uranus in Taurus and White Worldbridger. This is about the rEvolution of the self, thus how we offer more to the whole, as foundations of who we are become the building into where and how our species evolves in this time.

White Spectral Wizard is guided by itself, repeating the self-discipline, self-identity, self-mastery messages. The analog is Red Spectral Serpent, the Liberation and Release of kundalini energy for our survival into thrival awareness as we learn to fine tune our gifts and abilities. It echoes the energetic boost of Aries and the electric Impulses from Uranus and the Solar tone. The antipod is Yellow Spectral Seed, yet another alignment with Kaan, and how are we Targeting the Flowering of Awareness through our self-discipline and mastery, what is our offering of food and sustenance to the whole through what we plant and harvest of our own existence. The occult kin is Blue Electric Hand, bringing another code of Healing, Accomplishment and Knowing. Chiron and Venus in Aries show this healing is within the feminine union with the masculine energy and self-identity that leads to success and Accomplishment of how we show up for Service, Activation and Bonding which is tone 3. The Trinity energy is again seen as a key to Healing, alignments of the feminine and masculine with our Spirit, Source/Love/God/Goddess and embodiment of our core purpose as we bring this all into actualization.

It is up to us no matter what lens we use to innerstand the energy and potentials of each moment, to decide how we utilize the waves and currents. Alignments with the flow of life is the ability to tap into the energies, to feel the subtitles, and recognize what they offer for our best interaction as who we are authentically. Synchronicity and alignments, repeated messages that confirm and empower each other offer us the clarity and focus to make the most out of every day. The planetary alignments are in sync with what is happening in our lives, and can be accessed to gain insights into our own intuition and inner guidance.

May this writing be of greater service to you each time you return here, offering inspiration and points of awareness that assist you in your journey. As a triple Aries, Sun, Moon and Venus, Capricorn rising, and a Yellow Lunar Seed in the Dreamspell, Yellow Spectral Star 11 Lamat in Mayan kin, and Yellow Cosmic Human in Unified time, I feel this energy personally and deeply is true to how my own path is getting a major boost and push to bring my own self-discipline and self-identity further into Service to the world. Gratitude for the opportunity to meet on our paths.

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