Pi Day 3.14159


Since December 19, 2017, Saturn has been at home in Capricorn. Coupled up with Pluto and the south node for much of this time, the theme has been karmic, past energetics, samskara, whatever we can see this as, coming up, purging the shadows from the deep occulted places they were trying to hide in. Transformation is the name of the game when playing with Pluto and Scorpio, the key terms are sex (kundalini), death and the occult. Structure, form, rules and regulations, foundations, physical earth manifestations and the patriarchy and matriarchy are themes of Saturn and Capricorn. South node has to do with our past, our imprints and all we have learned for good and ill.

What does this all mean? Well, we have been noting that the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn with south node is a clearing and purging of the energy around the structures, rules and regulations, the political, religious, and societal foundations on which we have built our agreed upon experience on this planet. The Patriarchal shadow, as well as the Matriarchal shadow, have been showing so much coming to disclosure and transformation. Not all of it has been beneficial, as in the USA Trump and his gang are taking away environmental protection laws, setting the stage for corporate entities to pillage and rape Mama Gaia without any oversight. While the world shakes in fear of the pandemic of the corona virus, laws that keep our water and air from being polluted, our forests from being over harvested, oil drilling and fracking in check, are being dissolved in the name of greed and lust for power, the very shadow sides of Pluto/Scorpio/Aries and Saturn/Capricorn. The fear propaganda to push people to want to give over power to authorities who can “save” us with vaccines and control mechanisms to stop our grass roots gathering together, the monetary system crashes, all of it has a dark tinge to how this is playing out. This is the purging, the showing up of our dark side of the force, the presentation of the fully operational Death Star in real time.

However, there is a Light side within this all as well. Jupiter/Sagittarius is seen as a boon giver, beneficial energy, expansion and the gifting of grace. This is the energy to turn the tables, to flip the script, the angel on all of our shoulders counter-balancing the shadow devils who seem to be running the show. There is always a balance, always a pendulum full spectrum totality of everything. The shadow helps us see where we fear, where we falter and become weak and faint, what trips us up and makes us feel small and unworthy, or on the same side, makes us so defensive or offensive that we dominate, control, manipulate, seduce and seek to suck the very life out of everything around us to our own selfish gains. By seeing this all in the Light, by lifting the proverbial rocks to find the Scorpion stingers full of this deadly poison, we are giving voice to it all, allowing it to flow rather than be repressed. In the Light of the Sun, these creatures can also show their beauty, the vulnerability that shows the translucent skin covering what they seek to protect.

Therein lies the antidote, the medicine that will heal all the deep, deep wounds we have inflicted upon ourselves and our world. Therein is the merger, the union, of the polarities back to a healthy Oneness. Remember the ending scene of the Dark Crystal? The Skegsis and the Mystics came back into Oneness, both sides needed to recreate the Galactic Beings they originated as. By witnessing our darkness, our fears, what we so dread might happen and feel powerless or overwhelmed by lustful power, this is where we can learn how to apply the opposite. What requires our Love, attention, compassion, care and nurturing? Note that the north node has been in Cancer, the archetypal Mother, the Goddess, the feminine energy that is offering a directional arrow out of the mire that both sides created. And it is the strength and ACTION of the masculine that is doing the work to create the vision of the feminine, following the feeling and emotional body that Cancer and the Moon represent. Mars and Saturn together now, with the aide of Jupiter and Sagittarius, a more androgynous energy, we are bringing all of these occulted aspects to Light, allowing them to be expressed to be purged, healed and cleared for the greater good of the social, collective fire that we choose to create from.

Ending of the Dark Crystal. I highly recommend watching it as it has parrallel themes to what is happening in our world right now. 

Note that during this transition, the Moon, the feminine intuition and emotions, begins in Scorpio, opening up these deep emotional potentials for fear vs love, moves into Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, offering the nurturing, feeling, compassionate, silver lining that we have from our own hands and hearts. She ends in Pisces with Mercury, head and heart coming together to integrate and receive from SPIRIT and again into the dream planes and creative intuition these messages of the rebirthing.

It is easy to get lost in the mire, to see the evil and atrocities bubbling over the top, to view the actions of the elite to dominate and control in ever more heinous ways, as what is the winning reality now. Yet, FEEL into what is blooming open, the potentials for solutions as survival instincts kick in, as our very fight for LIFE and the drive to protect it at all costs comes rushing through us. The desire to become the heroes and saviors of the story, the activations that call our greatest potentials awake and fully online, because we are desperately needed to offset the horrors we face. It is, quintessentially, the basis of all storytelling ever. The antagonist/protagonist battle is the kinetic drive for life itself. There is no hero without a villain, no healing without a wound, no growth without the burning away of what was old, decaying and dying. Life-death-life cycles are the very fabric of existence.

This transition is a major expression of all of this. The Age of Aquarius is the focus of the Unity and coming together of Humanity, the rise of the Rainbow Tribe, our species ascension and awakening. It is the transition of the yugas, from the Kali dark age into the Dwarpa Yuga, the third of four, towards a Golden Age of awareness and knowing. It is a cycle of time and space that has been happening, repeating patterns as we spiral through space, a spinning galaxy within the vastness that we have yet to even fathom. As all this build up within the structural, foundational, physical energy of Saturn and Capricorn shifts into this more electric and energetic, Spiritual and socially connected realm of Aquarius, we are feeling the vastness accept and receive all the energy we put into this cycle. The seeds we planted in this fertile soil are being reaped and harvested, the fruits of our labors are here for us to consume, and whether we do so as a survival fear based society or in the energy of THRIVING and accessing our greatest potentials is clearly up to us. (Note: Yesterday was Yellow Planetary Seed in Dreamtime and 4 Kawak Blue Self-existing Storm in Mayan kin, the Self-generation of Energy brought to the Planetary Manifestations of what we are planting and bringing to Fruition. Unified Kin was 4/10 + 18/4 = 2/1 2 Ik White Magnetic Wind, Spirit Messages of Unity)

Here is where Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune as they dance and hold the energies of Aquarius and Pisces come into play. Whether we stay dreaming and escaping into lustful pleasures that leave the soul empty, or we take that sense of blissful, Spiritually based awareness and connection to Source/Love/God/Goddess/All That Is and follow the more enlightened versions of finding our greatest joy and pleasure in ways that uplift and build beneficial structures, set rules and regulations that stimulate growth and abundance in ways that are in alignment and harmony with our planet by accessing these intuitive, instinctual awarenesses that bring the best out of Humanity as a global brother and sisterhood, this is the ultimate question, the ultimate hero’s quest.

Are we providing a platform and social arena where our true gifts, talents and offerings of service are welcomed, encouraged, fostered and fueled? In many ways, no, yet in many ways YES! See how people are coming into a greater awareness of the flow of what we have to offer, be it a creative venture or even just business practices that take the ethical, humanitarian, ecological impacts into account. As those rules and regulations get stripped away, we are realizing we don’t need an outside authority to tell us what is right and what is wrong. WE are the authority, we each have this innately wired within us, just waiting to be sparked and empowered. It is getting those with money, influence and power we gave them to SEE THIS, know it, awaken to what their Spirits and Souls already know as so many of us are.

Many businesses and local governments even have done the right thing not because the Federal government regulations told them to, but because they believed in the morality of how to respond and stand up in sovereignty of self authority. The same is coming in the movement away from dogmatic structures in religion, to embody those morals and ethics of being a good person simply because we know it is right. No, not everyone is doing this, and we need far more to make it the majority. Yet, it is happening, and thus the silver lining is shining through, showing that the potential for all of this to bring us to a greater awareness is there.

This is where we pass over the bridge of Chiron in Aries, where the Sun will be as well on March 21 as Saturn transits into Aquarius. The healing of the self-identity wounds is so integral in all of this. The self-Love movement, accessing our authenticity, seeking who we are and why we are here, truly asking what is God/Goddess/Source, and what does He AND She want of us? What is our Higher Self-identity, what does it mean to have ego and Spirit, and how do we align and heal our shadows so that we can fully access and KNOW what that means, so that we EMBODY somatically BEING this presence of our integrated selves. Even if that just means looking to LIFE through science as it shows us what is happening as a guide to this insight, it is still the same.

This takes going into the depths, Pluto and Scorpio co-rulers with Mars and Aries, to access our shadows, our subconscious programming, see them, feel them, witness them. Like Luke Skywalker going into the cave as Yoda gives him the Wisdom to recognize that he WILL FEAR what he sees. He sees himself as his father, Darth Vader, the ancestral awareness that created all of the world’s problems to start with. Symbolic of the patriarchal fall, yet it has been in us all. Genetic encoding and memory, karmic entanglements, samskara, maya, however we look at all of this, humans created it all. So, to HEAL we must come home to that awareness, take accountability, and seek reparations with OURSELVES as our own species and to ALL of Gaia as we have affected it all.

How do we create action that brings this awareness to those who are still struggling to see what is happening? That is part of our work as each of us wakes up to how we are called to do this. As we learn and grow, we gather tools and skills to offer to one another, ways of living that bring us into deeper self-awareness, Chiron in Aries, Pluto diving into our own inner structures and belief systems, to root it all out and rewrite our programming. Learning from one another, communication about our journeys, we offer insights that we can bring together to form more pathways to solutions for healing ourselves and our consciousness, so we can show up in a more healthy way. Physician heal thyself, the world needs your medicine.

Uranus and Venus in Taurus is the embodiment of the electrical activations of kundalini through our systems that is bringing this all home. It is the Age of Aquarius and the rising of the Goddess as we realize we need to empower and nurture ourselves and everything around us. This adds to the transformation that the masculine has been so bravely and courageously going through, the Lion King returning home by the urging of the Lionesses who have shown that without his proper place as co-leader of the pride, an aware and embodied leader rather than the dictatorships that are not helping the people, the hunting grounds where we receive nourishment has gone out of balance and is depleted. We must turn inwards and then come out into our communities to bring action of solutions to the shadow mess we just threw up all over the table.

There is a way through, and we can get as low and sick as we think we need to before we reconcile and balance, coming into alignment with how we can THRIVE on this planet in Harmony with Her Wisdom. We can rise as soon as we choose, as a species, by rising as individuals and rippling that to everyone around us.

In short, how do you actually want to live your human life on this planet? And how can you become the best version of yourself to do so? Is growing your own food part of the revolution? How about eco building, and clean energy? Systems that clean the water and air, awareness of how we produce and distribute our resources so that everyone has what they need to live, healthy, satisfying lives. Venus in Taurus in a healthy way is this, the tangible utopia which is the best we could possibly create as humans in the real day to day lives on the planet Earth.

Let’s look now at how this is all playing out within the Dreamspell and Mayan kin. First, Pi day, 3/14/2020.

Dreamspell: Red Spectral Serpent

I Dissolve in order to Survive
Releasing Instinct
I seal the store of Life Force
with the Spectral tone of Liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a polar kin, I transport the red galactic spectrum.

  • Red Spectral Serpent; guide and kin; Maldek/Chiron?
  • White Spectral Wizard; analog; Maldek/Chiron?
  • Blue Spectral Eagle; antipod; Jupiter/Sag
  • Yellow Electric Warrior; occult; Saturn/Capricorn


Mayan Kin: 5 Ajaw, Yellow Overtone Sun

  • Yellow Overtone Sun; kin; Pluto/Scorpio/Aries
  • Yellow Overtone Star; guide; Venus/Libra
  • Blue Overtone Storm; analog; Pluto/Scorpio/Aries
  • White Overtone Dog; antipod; Mercury/Gemini/Virgo
  • Red Solar Dragon; occult; Neptune/Pisces


Unified Kin: 3 Chicchan, Red Electric Serpent

  • Red Electric Serpent kin Maldek/Chiron?
  • Red Electric Moon guide Mercury/Gemini/Virgo
  • White Electric Wizard analog Maldek/Chiron?
  • Blue Electric Eagle antipod Jupiter/Sag
  • Yellow Spectral Warrior occult Saturn/Capricorn

3.141592 (Electric Tone is 3, Spectral Tone 11, Overtone Tone 5 as well as Red Serpent Tribe 5, Solar Tone 9, Yellow Sun Tribe 20)

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Pi is the ratio sequence that is the basis of all life, Originally defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, which is similar to parts to a whole, pieces of a pie to the whole pie. 3.141592 starts the sequence, so March 14th has been celebrated as Pi day. Curious to note here, the kin numbers are exactly this! The Electric Tone is 3, Spectral Tone 11, Overtone Tone 5 as well as Red Serpent Tribe 5, Solar Tone 9, Yellow Sun Tribe 20. The only part not represented is the 4 within Pi. 4 is the HEART chakra.

What does this mean in 2020? Red Spectral Serpent is in the Blue Eagle wavespell and has that kin as antipod, Higher Mind, Clear Vision. That this is happening on Pi day, with the pandemic of COVID-19 happening, we are seeing how the effects of one action, one slice of the whole, ripples into everything. No one is separated from this, even our political leaders. It is pushing us to look globally, to see the wider scope and get a clear view of the totality and interconnectedness we are. These rice fields in China are a major food source for them as well as the countries they export to. Note it is covered in water, a key term for the Unified kin guide, Red Electric Moon, is Universal Water. 

From an astrological perspective, there are some interesting alignments happening. The Moon in Scorpio just about to enter Sagittarius our emotional body and the feminine aspects are in alignment with Pluto and Mars, the co-rulers of Scorpio, which are in Capricorn with Saturn, Jupiter (Sagittarius ruler) and south node, where all of the breaking apart of structures and regulations are creating massive tension. We are feeling the fear and Survival concerns as in the Dreamspell, 3/14 is Red Spectral Serpent. This is ultimately to lead to Liberation, which can also be seen in White Wizard as we become our higher selves, and the seals of the chakra systems, the store of Life Force within each body is offered the opportunity to open, and thus activate our Enlightenment, Commanding our own Empowerment and Radiance. We are dredging up everything to be seen, Dissolved, Released and then Liberated so that we can cut through the veils of sleep we have been under and remember how to THRIVE instead of just Survive. As each piece of the Pi learns to activate our energy systems, thus generating a greater immune system on all levels, the whole collective consciousness also learns, both from the inner connection and as we communicate. To get out of the fear, the Bonding and Service of the Rainbow Warriors as the occult kin Yellow Electric Warrior represents in Red Spectral Serpent as well as the Unified Kin which is the mirror, Red Electric Serpent which holds Yellow Spectral Warrior as the occult kin.

I have written about Red Serpent and White Wizard several times. They are said in the Interplanetary Holon to be ruled by Maldek, the planet that we blew up which became the asteroid belt. According to the Dreamspell, this was within the storyline of us going to sleep, of the take over of 12/60 time, where we enslaved ourselves into the matrix where time is money, and our very Survival is based on a system of domination and control of an elite class. Our very Life Force energy and our ability to reach our Wizardry and Enchantment powers through the knowledge of the kundalini and torodial systems that create our merkabahs and light bodies was horded, stored away by the churches and governments, taken from the masses so that control could be put in place. Perhaps that alignment is part of the issue, that the rulership of our very Life Force and Enchantment is given to our past mistakes. This shows in the Zodiac, how the planets are clustered in Capricorn around the south node, looking at our past mistakes and how it has created the structures (Saturn), how we use our power (Mars), how that expands into everything (Jupiter), and where it has become shadow subconscious programming that affects our kundalini systems (Pluto).

Perhaps a new alignment to Chiron, the asteroid used in the Zodiac, the wounded Healer, the caldecot symbol of the serpent on the spine, would be a more fitting ruler for Red Serpent and White Wizard? This portal through Saturn transit on March 21-22 the Sun moves into alignments with Chiron in Aries again, as the beginnings of a new era, the Age of Aquarius coming to a new level. We are choosing to do this cycle differently, to not just follow Survival Instincts because of fear, but to reach for our highest potential and access our kundalini through Love. Pi day is the opening of this portal. The Mayan kin, 5 Ahau, Yellow Overtone Sun, of 3.14.2020 offers the next key.

How do we retrieve and take back our Empowerment?! That is the Mayan time sequence code of 2020 Pi day. 5 Ajaw, Yellow Overtone Sun, is the return of the 13/20 time sequence, the Moon Genesis from the Monkey Genesis, bringing forwards the Dragon Genesis. This is all archetypal information! It is codes to remember WHO we ARE, why we are here, and how to access the Enchantment and Enlightenment that we locked away from ourselves, the downfall of Humanity into de-evolution. And it is based on codes of PEACE, HARMONY, UNITY and LOVE through the MOON 28 day calendars, 13/20 time being a return to natural synchronicity with the Earth, with the Galactic connections of our Star Family origins. This is one storyline of how it has been happening, how the Dreamspell came about as one lens and tool to reUnite Humanity, to bring us back into balance and harmony with the frequencies of our home planet Earth, by telling another archetypal story that weaves us together based on the cycles of 260 kin, based off of the Wisdom of the Mayan calendar and the Moon cycles that return the feminine energy to balance from the Gregorian calendars that are linked to the patriarchal domination and imbalance.

Read more here and at Tortuga1320.com via the image link:


The Mayan calendar itself holds so many keys, and this is just one transmission, meant to help us each find our own connection to the Rainbow Bridge, the antakarana, the connection between the body and human mind and our Higher Self, or what leads to Enlightenment. It is based on Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent, the same symbol on the caldecot, our western medicine symbol for healing. There is no mistake that there is a global virus epidemic right now as this all comes out to be healed and realigned.


Note that the antakarana symbol is about the 7 chakras, the kundalini movement and raising to “crown” us and bring us to our Higher Self-Awareness within the body. This is the archetype of Red Serpent, the kundalini, Life Force, used by White Wizard as we learn to channel the energy in ways that Enchant us and life through our vibrational frequencies. Everything is ENERGY, and how that Shakti energy, the feminine aspect of kundalini, moves through the channels of our bodies, Shiva, the physical form, is how we ascend. It is the union of masculine and feminine energy to create the Trinity light body, the birthing of awareness, as the infant state of the renewal of the next cycles.

The Mayan kin for 3.14.2020 thus being 5 Ahau or Ajaw, Yellow Sun, is Universal Fire, Enlightenment, and Life, with the 5th tone of Empowering, Commanding, Radiance. 555. Change. The halfway point, startfish, da Vinci man, 5 pointed stars. This is the Empowering and Commanding of our own Radiance back to our sovereignty, where the original god was Sol, the Sun. When man tried to take that place as rulers, to claim that this Enlightened state was occulted and hidden from the masses and only accessible by the elite, we blocked the full potentials of Humanity, and created wars, and imbalance with Gaia, the patriarchal structures, rules and regulations forgetting the Nurturing, caring, Birthing of the Dragon, Goddess, Mother Gaia and the Moon, as it regulates Universal Water. The feminine was taken out of scriptures, women and children were seen as property, and the fear of the Shakti sacred sexuality and kundalini was locked away. The feminine fell as well, seductress and using this sexuality to control the masculine. We fell from grace, from the garden of Eden, from all that was possible with this knowledge being shared in Equality. We also started farming in ways that depleted the soil, civilization took hold and the Commanding of resources became a game of power and control, selfishness and greed, the very downfall of Aries/Mars and Saturn/Capricorn. The 1% is the imbalance of the whole to a small piece of the pie.

In the Dreamspell, Yellow Overtone Sun holds the codes of analog Blue Storm, antipod of White Dog, guide of Yellow Star, and occult of Red Solar Dragon. The return of the Red Dragon and through the Solar tone of Realizing, Pulsing, Intention, is a reflection of the Yellow Sun codes. We are Realizing that we forgot the origins, the first Birthing Genesis of the Dragon, which is Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent god of the Mayans, the representation of the kundalini rising through our chakra system, up our spine and nadis, energy channels, to reach Enlightenment, crowning us in awakening. It is the access to the antakarana, the Higher Mind, where our Art as Yellow Star, which is our individual gifts brought forwards as our Higher Selves, is the Love of White Dog where we live from the Heart, we flow to Self-Generation of our Energy of Blue Storm, and thus access the Red Serpent Life Force. These two codes together make perfect sense, where Survival becomes Thrival, we are living with our Energy connected directly to Source, not through some secondary control matrix of authority outside of ourselves.

The Sun is the source of Life for growing plants, for feeding ourselves, and thus the core of Survival in a literal sense. How we have lost the balance with nature in this is a repeat of what is said to have happened on Maldek. It doesn’t have to happen that way, we can break free and come into Harmony with Gaia, to learn how to create food and resources in a more ecological way. Nurturing ourselves and our planet is key, Commanding and taking back our Empowerment by Catalyzation of going through the Storm to cleanse out all that has been causing our actions to be out of alignment with what Enlightenment actually means. It means to be in connection with the higher awareness of LIFE, which shows us how to live by Instinctual attunement to the cycles, the smaller ratio of the inner measurements to the whole and how it all affects one another. This is about the Spiritual awareness, yes. However, unless that is taken into physical life in the 3D daily reality, it means very little here. Learning to grow our own food, community gathering and taking care of each other is the practical application of our Spiritual activations.

When we look at the Dreamspell, we are looking at an attempt to bring all the religions together, to offer Peace and Unity through the Rainbow Warriors archetype. It has been an attempt that has angered some of the Mayan elders, as the information was used to make money, it was used in the exact ways that it was brought forwards to dissolve, because the creators of it were still locked in our society that is based on Survival within a monetary system. The shadow of the Intentions of this system are a mirror of the shadows of all past systems that used brutal sacrifices, horrific wars and disharmonious ways that Humanity has fought our own species. We are working on unraveling that, still in the process of evolution, where we bring the information of Higher Mind, our Spirit selves, our greater awareness, that shows us our full potentials here on this planet with the Intelligence and Wisdom we have to THINK and FEEL, our consciousness that is connected to far more than just our physical existence here, yet is the guide and bridge through this embodiment of Spirit into flesh to offer all we can be here on this planet. That means daily living, what we do to make this a better place for ourselves and our children, and 7 generations beyond that. It doesn’t really matter what lens we use, how we get there, so long as we GET THERE.

However, turn back to what is happening in the Zodiac, the current time alignments of the planets in relation to what is happening in the world today. The Capricorn alignments of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto with the south node where the Moon will pass through as well, are an exact representation of what is shown as being challenged as we open up this portal starting with Pi day and Red Serpent with Yellow Sun. Giving our kundalini energy and thus the very Life Force of our being over to a God, Sol, or ruling class outside of ourselves, is what we are dredging up from our past, bringing to Light for Healing so we can reach Enlightenment within our own systems. From there, each part of the pie knows Instinctually what is right and in alignment, we act in the flow of nature rather than disconnected, fearful and Survival based beings from our limbic system. The healing of the Vagus Nerve is key here as well, stopping the fight, flight, freeze reactionary systems and bringing in a more collected, connected, capable response system that makes better decisions based on THRIVING and LOVE, aka Fearlessness, instead of Survival and Fear.

Here is one explanation of the vegus nerve.

The Unified kin here is thus 5/11 + 20/5 = 25/16 = 5/3 Red Electric Serpent. Through the reflection of the Yellow Sun, Red Serpent returns to itself, the energy of us connecting to our own antakarana, our own Light Life, is our Enlightenment. Tone 3 is the Trinity, the third energy created when the masculine and feminine come together in union, Activation, Bonding and Service. When we are embodying this fullness of who we are, our Service to the whole comes through clear, we become this Higher Self within the body, living in Thriving because our path becomes clear for us to shine and offer to others. This is the exact reflection of Red Spectral Serpent, the reversal of the false kundalini systems, the Serpent in the Garden of Eden some are talking about. Spectral and Electric tones are always each other’s hidden helper occult kin. Link back to Pluto and Scorpio, the occult energies are represented here.

The Moon is in Scorpio today, our emotions, our feminine, our feelings that are what gets tripped in the limbic system and vagus nerve, are what is transforming the Capricorn conjunction of the structures of Saturn, the root energy of Mars, both being masculine, and the expansion of Jupiter. A return to the 13 Moon system could very well be part of this transition that awakens us to the feminine Nurturing, FEELING energy that we need to come into our Hearts to overcome and heal the limbic system imbalance. This rights the energy in the kundalini channels, turning our sexuality even to a healthy flow. The root of rape, sex trafficking, pedophilia, all of it stems in healing this system.

The root of all evil isn’t money itself, which is the driver for sex trafficking, mismanagement of resources, unequal shares of the Pi, the root of all evil is in the limbic system, the kundalini, which is the most subtle layer of alchemy in the body, and how that plays out in people’s actions. It is the beginning of manifestations, Aries/Mars, that eventually leads to the physical embodiment, Saturn/Capricorn and Venus/Taurus. Whether we live from a fear and shadow energy within these impulses, or from a place of Love and connection with empathy and compassion is how we function from a core level within our bodies. The fear for our health is stimulating the responses here, and can be a Catalyzation for growth and awareness getting to the very center of how we respond to Life.

Those three nodes are being brought to transformation Pluto/Scorpio with the Moon and Capricorn conjuntions, rEvolution of Uranus/Aquarius with Venus in Taurus and then Saturn coming into Aquarius, by the way of Sun and Neptune in Pisces where the Moon and Mercury will land March 21-22, where Heart and Mind are again brought to union. We are at a culmination point in many ways, a reset, as the Sun then moves into Aries with Chiron, the above Enlightenment of Self-Awareness being brought to the forefront.

This is the beginning of a transition, the energy coming to a fullness after a long period of Saturn in Capricorn, the energy amplification fortifying us so our immune systems are capable of Surviving this health threat. It is a transformation of fear to Love, to trusting our resiliency, yet also taking action because we are being shown another dramatic layer of what has been so very wrong with our existence here. It is a call to come into alignment with the frequencies of Love, and to wake up and see clearly what is happening on a global scale.

We can keep our thoughts and actions on the idea of what it means to THRIVE rather than just survive one fearful situation after another. Let the fear just show us what matters, that life is precious, and how we owe it to ourselves, each other and the planet we live on to get it together. The Activations of our kundalini systems to bring us Libertaion and Enlightenment that is LIFE Force led by a higher awareness, is the core of the messages today. There is much more coming within this portal window as Saturn fully transits. This is the foundation, the end of the cycle of the Towers being toppled within this round on the spiral. Dissolve, Release, and Command your own Empowerment within your body for health and greater immunity resiliency. We can come through this in a powerful way, to learn to Thrive rather than just Survive. It is all in how we rise to the moment.

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