Ides of March, Life-Death-Life Cycle


On March 15, 2020, the day many have gotten the messages that there will be a huge change in the political arena. The Prime Minister of Canada just announced that his wife has been tested positive for COVID-19, it is reaching people of the US government as well. Tom Hanks announced he is in Australia with his wife and they are “not even very sick yet taking necessary precautions.” NO ONE is beyond this as we are all HUMANS. The message here is very clear, the power dynamics of structural segregation Tower is falling. These codes confirm this. Most of the Zodiac information from yesterday applies here. I will address the changes. The Capricorn conjunction is still the main focus, where structures, regulations (Saturn/Capricorn), all is coming through and intense transformation (Pluto and Mars) while expanded to see the whole as connected (Jupiter) and the past karmic cycles as the arena (South Node). Chiron is still in a T-sqaure with the Nodes, so Healing our self-identity and what we are at war or peace with in the present moment is key.

March 15, 2020 is a White Crystal Worldbridger, Death, Eqaulization and Opportunity through Cooperation, Universalizing and Dedication. What are we dedicated to? By showing the Equality and Universalizing effects of the devastation and Death this virus is bringing fear of, we are being shown that Cooperation is the way to access the Opportunity to come through this as the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the flames.

White Worldbridger is ruled by Mars, within the foursome of planets in Capricorn, the very energy of this transit is showing within the Life-Death-Life cycles as well as the bridge to Aquarius and Pisces, the Rainbow Bridge across the veil of death and birth. Chiron in Aries is tied in here. Kimi in the Mayan kin is this bridge as Mars is the co-ruler of Aries, birth and beginnings, and Scorpio, Death, Sex (KUNDALINI) and the Occult. Beginnings and endings of war and peace, leadership and whether it is led by selfishness and greed or passionate innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is the key here.

We are being brought to a place of seeing how the global picture, and for those looking the Universal picture, is how to see more clearly what is happening and to come together to create change. Again, what are we Dedicated to? What are we giving our energy and time to? 6 Imix, Red Rhythmic Dragon, the Mayan kin of today, is Birthing the new beginning as well through Nurturing the Equality and Balance of Life-death-life cycles.

The guide is White Crystal Mirror, where we must look into the Mirror of each other, go into the cave and see our faces in our ancestors and our children, acknowledge the Endlessness of the cycles we are facing. White Mirror wavespell is one half of the central mystic column, the very heart of the the Tzolkin Mayan calendar. It is where the present moment holds both the past and the future, the self and the other, shadow and light, where duality looks at itself in other and sees the truth of Oneness. The Droste effect, the never ending mirror within a mirror, is the representation of this. Cycles and history repeats itself unless we are wise enough to change. History, and Herstory, are also a beautiful tale of LOVE, the desire to live and exists, to find meaning within it all. 6 Imix as the Mayan kin has White Mirror as the analog, reflecting life-death-life back on itself. White Mirror and Red Dragon are ruled by Neptune, at home in Pisces with the Sun still. As we look in the Mirror across time at ourselves, at what it means to bring Spirituality and Dream messages into our lives, we can see that the integration of all of this is the key. Use what you know, bring it in all the levels of your being and offer it to all your reflections.

The antipod of White Worldbridger is Yellow Crystal Warrior, the Rainbow Warriors, the Quest we are on as we question the past and the future, what needs to die and be stripped away from the structures of Saturn the ruler of Yellow Warrior, and what is to be birthed in Fearlessness through Intelligence. This is the learning we are integrating in this cycle of Capricorn transits to a T. The analog is Red Crystal Skywalker, echoing the Star Wars storyline we keep coming back to. What are we bringing through from the inner planes of awareness and inter-dimensional being into the physical embodiments we are creating? Bridging the inner Shamanic worlds through life-death-life cycles is the message here. Yellow Warrior is ruled by Saturn/Capricorn, thus is a focal point for the conjunctions in the Zodiac. Breaking down the old structures so that we can build the new while maintaining the LOVE as Fearlessness, we Question what has been held as true until we find the answers of what better serves us all. This takes Emotional Intelligence, which will be tested as the Moon moves into Capricorn tomorrow. Right now, the Moon is strong in Sagittarius, the fire of social upliftment and creativity. Red Skywalker is ruled by Mars with White Worldbridger, so the energies of the conjunction are in all three of these kin today. 

Blue Lunar Eagle is the occult of this kin on March 15, 2020. It is the Higher Mind Vision and Creativity, the greater perspective of the whole as Jupiter and Sagittarius. Again, we have to get a full view of the whole spectrum of shadow to light so that the Love in us knows what fears to transmute. Blue Eagle uses an objective Mind, one that is able to simply witness all that is happening and see it for what it IS. From there, the FORCE if you will, pulses through us and we decide if we want to keep running the Death Star and feed off that dark energy and corrupt power or to turn to Jedis and recognize what is at steak if we do. Let die what needs to in our MINDS and thinking so that our HEARTS can lead the way. Seeing the greater view of the whole of creation at play here is a main theme right now.

The Mayan kin on March 15, 2020 is 6 Imix, Red Rhythmic Dragon, kin 1 of 20, the Birthing, Nurturing, and Being, a perfect balance to White Worldbridger’s Death codes. This is doubled as it is a tone 6 guided by itself. Rhythmic tone is BALANCE, Equality and Organize. We see that this is exactly what is happening in this portal transition. There is a reckoning of the Akashic Records of karmic energies, and there may well be an event this day that shows this in some way. The ways of the COVID-19 virus is already showing this happening, as noted by us all. The LOVE and Nurturing that we are offering to one another in these times where fear could win out shows that all that is being tested is coming through beautifully. Regardless of the frightening panic that is causing people to run and buy all the antiviral items and toilet paper on the shelves is also bringing us to CARE MORE and step into what really matters to us in Life.


The Prime Minister of Canada pausing elections, flights halted and people told to stay home and take care of ourselves and our families is stimulating this empathic wave of Nurturing that the Dragons are happy to assist with. Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent god in the Mayan mythos is rising to take back the energy of Gaia, rising kundalini that is our LOVE BUBBLE which is just the TORODIAL FIELD around us that empowers our immune system and transforms from the inside out. This is a call to become the stronger forms of DNA encoded in us and rise!


The antipod of Red Rhythmic Dragon is Blue Monkey, the Playfulness, Illusions and Magic. We are being shown how Balance and Equality of all sides, across borders, economic, social, religious, political, all are in this health scare yet how are they Empowered to face it? What Illusions are being cast in false news, in the ways we may be seeing what is happening through veils of deceit and trickery? On the same page, our Magic is in our focused intentions, what we choose to call to Life and Awareness. How can we support and use our Magic which is our energetic field of influence, to help uplift through all of this? Can we remain Playful and keep the fear in check to a healthy level of caution while holding the highest Vision for the best possible scenario?

Yellow Galactic Sun comes in again as the occult hidden helper. The Sun is one way this virus is kept in check, as the higher temperatures slow and kill viruses of this kind. Universal Fire is the inner fire, the violet flame or simply the drive of Life that keeps us going and strengthens us. Specifically, Galactic Sun represents the Galactic Central Sun, where the Harmony, Integrity and Modeling of our true potentials comes in. The Central Sun solar pulses that come through to us are part of the Galactic energies that are a greater force even beyond our solar system. This is a call to look beyond our planet, what is really out there? Are we alone? Enlightenment is the rising beyond the physical body, to connection with a greater energy that is in everything.

Add these kin together and we have 6/12 + 1/6 = 7/18 = 7/5 Blue Overtone Hand, Commanding, Empowering and Radiating Healing, Accomplishment and Knowing. Along with Yellow Human and Red Earth, Blue Hand is the Knowing we are the Hands of God, we are children of Gaia, with the 2020 Vision of Blue Eagle guiding us and the hidden helper of White Solar Wizard. As we find Healing towards our own self-awareness in Free Will Wisdom and Influence, we can use the Enchantments of our own Healing to Empower and Navigate through the Synchronicity of Evolution. The guide is again Blue Eagle, 2020 Vision, Higher Mind, Creativity, expansion of Jupiter. The Peace prophecy of the Eagle and Condor, the Rainbow Warriors, we are being asked to Heal and offer reparations to one another, forgiveness, Unity and seeing the bigger picture rather than our own individual lives as separate. The occult kin is White Solar Wizard, the Pulsing, Realizing and Intention of the 9th tone brought into our Enchantments, Receptivity and Timelessness. What are we receiving from the timelessness that sees beyond this experience? How has the past and how will the future play into this present moment? Again, our empowerment of becoming our Wizard higher selves through the self-awareness of Chiron in Aries as we seeing the reflected themes.

In the Zodiac, the Moon has moved into Sagittarius, lightening the deep dive of Scorpio, offering social support and creativity to come up with solutions to calm our nerves and emotional responses. This is the time to be of emotional support to one another, to recognize we are given the opportunity to come together to get through this. As the Moon moves into Capricorn tomorrow, be prepared. This will amplify the emotional energy within the already charged tension of transformation of Pluto and expansion of Jupiter. The changes in the structures of society are coming to a head, and it is time for us to make choices, to see what really needs to be stripped away and removed so that new growth can take place, with Emotional Intelligence. Healing and Accomplishment of our Intentions of a better world as we go through the rEvolution of Uranus and Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Aquarius. Mercury will transit into Pisces with the Moon going into Capricorn tomorrow. It is guiding us to think with our Hearts and higher awareness, to be careful of fantasy, illusions and projections. For today, we can harness the Sagittarius Moon and bolster ourselves and our social networks. Staying strong, staying Loving, Nurturing as much as possible. Prepare for the worst, but hold Intentions and Care for the best possible transition. This is just the entering of the portal! When Saturn shifts into Aquarius, we will see the next phase come for the rEvolution of our structures and programming.

All still applies from yesterday. Chiron is still in a T-square with the Moon’s Nodes, Aries to Capricorn and Cancer. Healing our self-awareness and self-identity, bringing tension from the past and future, masculine and feminine, Saturn and the Moon. Everything has a positive side, and a shadow potential. This can offer us the Opportunity to really get into WHO WE ARE and what our Healing gifts are that we can offer during this crisis. Tension is like coal turning to diamonds if we use it Wisely. This can be the shift to something amazing, as long as we ride the wave well as the Moon shifts the tides. Water, Purification, Emotions, Feeling, Intuition, Goddess rising as Nurturing and Birthing a new era through Red Dragon, Imix. Reset. Begin Again.

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