Capricorn Stellium, The Moon is the Key


Today, the Moon joins the Capricorn conjunction along with Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars. First, the Moon conjuncts the South Node thus opposes the North Node in Cancer which is trine Mercury just moving into Pisces at the exact same time as the Moon enters Saturn at 9:26 am PST. This is a softening and a greater intensity, with great messages through Mercury, as our emotional, feeling, feminine nature takes station with a predominantly masculine pressure point. Saturn at home in Capricorn has been working with Pluto to transform and restructure the patriarchal downfall of the masculine energy. Jupiter and Mars joined in recently, offering more masculine energy and passion, old war wounds, rebirthing a new beginning, self-identity awareness and healing in Mars tied in with Chiron in Aries, and the call for peace through the expansive Jupiter, the ruler of Blue Eagle the wavespell we are still in for the Dreamspell. As the Moon exits Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius, the beneficial social emotional support that we had a burst of yesterday comes into this now stellium of 5 planets within 9 degrees charged and ready.

Venus has spent some time this last year offering this Capricorn grouping her feminine energy, bringing up the feminine within the masculine, balancing out our polarities and initiating codes of union. The Moon today has a similar effect, deepening how we FEEL, our empathy, compassion and caring for the world’s present restructuring. As the regulations clamp down to keep us all safe, many emotional versions of the story are surfacing. The nostalgia and emotional releases of the past are the focus today, and the kin are right in this with the Zodiac. I have been writing about this for well over a year, and the Notes are within my Facebook page here.

This has been building as we all know, and we have been getting the messages as the whispers of Spirit often play into the Pisces alignments, creativity, dreams and intuition, and the ways Mercury and the Moon align to stimulate emotional intelligence. Today is one of those days, as Mercury transits into Pisces, going direct back over what we went through in February when Mercury went retrograde, at the exact time that the Moon moves into Capricorn, creating a sextile at 0 degrees. The messages of Spirit are coming through the feminine emotional body within the water element, held in the vessel of earth of Capricorn Moon on one side, and Uranus in Taurus with Venus on the other side. The feminine chalice comes to mind, the Holy Grail of truth which is the womb of the feminine. Gaia is speaking clearly here, where water is life, water is key to our existence.

Indeed, in the Dreamspell, Red Moon holds the codes of Universal Water. Divine synchronicity, the Unified kin is Red Resonant Moon, a reflection of 7 Ik, White Resonant Wind, through the Blue Cosmic Hand. Healing, Knowing and Accomplishment through Spirit, Breath Communication brings us the Channel of Inspiring Attunement of Flow, Universal Water and Purification. This is quite an alignment for all that the chalice represents. Resonant Tone 7 is the center of the wavespells of 13 tones, gifting us the balance in the messages of Mercury, which is Red Moon’s ruler along with White Dog as they are always analogs. The union of Heart and Mind has been a re-occurant theme within these transmissions, and is certainly a message we are hearing from more than one source.

The Sun and Neptune are also in Pisces still, creating a very strong sextile rope of aspects still with the Capricorn grouping through Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. The Spirit messages are showing here, and our direct connections with Source to our being as the Sun. White Resonant Wind aligns here, although it is ruled by Uranus with Red Earth, linking the rEvolutionary energy with the direct connection and Communication to Spirit. Chiron is actually conjunct the Sun now across the Pisces Aries cusp, the ending and beginning, rebirthing that is happening as the old is still in death throes, not to be too Edgar Allen Poe-tic. This is the process of our current situation in the structures of our society. Note Blue Hand is Healing as well with Chiron, showing us that the virus scare is shown within the codes as well as the support from the planetary energies. Our focus is certainly on Healing, Communication, and the structures of society massively transforming. It has been seen, in so many ways, we saw this coming.

Looking deeper at the kin, the Dreamspell as mentioned is Blue Cosmic Hand 7/13, the culmination of the Blue Eagle wavespell. Our Higher Mind Vision and Creativity comes through a Knowing that assists us in Accomplishment of the Healing we are facing, through Presence and lack thereof, thus realizing just how much that Presence means to us, Endurance and Transcendence. Blue Hand and Yellow Cosmic Human as the analog are both ruled by the Earth Gaia Herself, the direct connection with our dear physical plane Mother. Yellow Cosmic Human brings us this Presence, Endurance and Transcendence through Wisdom, Free Will aligned with Divine Will, and Influence. We are seeing just how great an Influence our Presence within the Cosmos means.

Have you heard the Spirit Communication about how much we matter?! Mater, Mother, Earth, we are Her children, our flesh and bones are made of the Earth. It is high time we act like we are her children, and love and protect Her! This is our Home as Humans, and we are treating it like it is disposable. Come into the FEELING of this awareness, allow it to penetrate deep within the core of your Being. Yellow Human is the road, the path, the journey, it is the spiralic process we are going through as Human Beings, Spirit within the body. Our frequencies and energetic Presence affects everything around us. We have even done scientific studies to prove this, yet we are still learning and finding how to agree upon why this happens and what exactly consciousness is. This is the importance of the Heart Mind emotional intelligence. The knowledge of it is incomplete until we learn how to integrate the FEELING, the feminine intuitive awareness that goes beyond logical thoughts.

Quantum Physics Consciousness, The Observer Effect

This is the way for us to truly come to terms with the state of the world, to break through the cognitive dissonance that is the masculine logic trying to understand without the feminine feeling and intuition, the Heart of the mater literally. Nothing has meaning until it comes home to our ability to experience it within in a way that we can grok with the gnosis of consciousness on a deeper level. Subconscious programming alignments with conscious thought and awareness. Free Will in alignment with Divine Will is simply THIS. Our deeper awareness of what is greater as the whole, Source/Love/God/Goddess/All That Is and our integral part within and as it. Once we fully realize what we have done, the FEELING of it, as the Moon is showing us, the emotionally intelligent action is to set things right in whatever way we can. This is the Healing, the Wisdom, the alignment of Free Will with our Higher Selves that Chiron in Aries has been offering to us through this transition. Know Thyself, come home to your True nature, Cosmic Being in a Human body! Make your Presence count! The Endurance of our immune systems on all levels shows us this link exactly. It is through the natural Healing powers of our Human vessels that we can overcome this challenge, and in that realization of how we are part of the whole system of this planet, how important it is to come into Resonance and Attunement with nature, Gaia, the whole, what Enlightenment actually means.

Red Cosmic Earth is the antipod, and certainly what we are focused on integrating, bringing us back to Uranus, through Synchronicity, Navigation and, you guessed it, rEvolutionary energy. Venus is there in Taurus with Uranus, offering the feminine nurturing energy of Gaia, the planetary Healing as we ascend together through the Cosmos. 13 is a Goddess number as well, so the chalice that Mercury is holding with Red Moon and White Dog is another Synchronicity. Uranus is applying pressure back and forth with Pluto and Saturn, the rEvolutionary energy of the Aquarian Age is HERE NOW.

The Moon will travel through Aquarius next in this portal, activating that deeper into our emotional bodies and intuition, the feminine bringing us through as Saturn then transits into Aquarius on March 21, the final shift and push of this wave. That is the culmination of this cycle, as Saturn transits into Aquarius and leaves Pluto (transformation, kundalini, death/rebirth, occult wisdom), Jupiter (fire element, expansion, beneficial synergy) and Mars (fire element, creative, root, passionate, action based masculine, birthing innovative energy) right on top of one another in Capricorn (Earth element, structures, form, foundations, laws, regulations, farming and sustenance with Taurus) . This is the transition, the birthing that brings the Age of Aquarius into the physical plane, the manifestations that we have been looking at since 2017. The Earth element in the Zodiac is the embodiment of all the Cosmic, Spiritually led work we have been doing as we ascend. Get your feet in the dirt if you can, or better yet, your HANDS as you plant your own food and join in community gardens! We are being called to create the Garden of Eden, food forests, taking back our lives on this planet.

The last code in this Cosmic Dreamtime is White Magnetic Wizard, the lead for the White Wizard wavespell. As we bring the Enchantment, Receptivity and Timelessness to Attracting our Purpose through Unity, all we have been seeing is in divine Synchronicity here as well. Maldek was our Wizardry learning, not quite aware enough to avoid destruction of our own planet as the story goes. If we instead look to Chiron, the Alchemist Healer as the ruler here, we can see again where this shows as confirmation. It is how we APPLY our Healing and learning to come into coherence and gnosis with all we have learned. Chiron in Aries has been prepping us, stimulating our self-identity wound Healing so that we can become the Wizards we are when we embody our Higher Selves. We are ready, we are here, and this is the Time! Timelessness is the present moment awareness that converges the past of the South Node learning with the future of the North Node directions in life. Our Enchantments are powerful as we align fully with the Cosmic Wisdom of who we truly ARE. We are StarSeeds, planted here in the fertile soil of this beautiful planet to learn, grow and realize just the amazing opportunity we have here, what we can Create and inVision here as a species. There is so much beauty and potential here on this amazing planet Earth! How can we better serve and care for all life here?

This takes us to the Mayan kin White Resonant Wind 2/7. The 7 codes are off the charts today if you noticed! Here, the Spirit Communication through BREATH as this COVID 19 virus targets our respiratory system, is another synchronicity. How are we taking care of the Wind, the air that sustains us? The Air Element connects us globally, the air currents are a loop exchange with each other, swirling around since the creation of planet Earth. With all the fires burning, this has been a prominent question. No trees and foliage means no air exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which means great breathing difficulties… hmm. Are we seeing the connections yet?! Are we getting the Spirit messages? For some of us, it is loud and clear and has been for quite some time. As the world wakes up to this, we are being shown we need to make changes NOW. If we won’t listen with all the weather disasters, will a virus that quarantines us and stops the crazy, frantic pace of our world? The Resonant Tone is Channeling, Attunement and Inspiration, another term for BREATHING. How are we being Inspired by all of this? Are we seeing better ways to Create, listening to the Higher Mind and Clear Vision of Blue Eagle? Are we Inspired to Healing and taking our Cosmic places as all Humanity has potentials to be? This kin is in the Yellow Warrior wavespell, part of the Rainbow Warriors coming in and bringing the transformational revolution.

White Resonant Wind is joined by Red Resonant Earth as the analog as mentioned earlier, co-ruled by Uranus and leading the rEvolution with Aquarius. The Synchronicity offers us Navigational maps through which to read all these codes, if we choose to look. In fact, Yellow Human is the antipod, the exact opposite of Blue Hand. Again, Free Will, Wisdom and Influence come through Channeling these messages as we do, Inspiring one another as we Attune to Resonant frequencies with each other in greater and greater Unity. The guide here is White Resonant Wizard, echoing the occult of Blue Hand, offering also again the Enchantment of our Timelessness and the call to Receptivity, a key element in the feminine energy. Are we open to be the hollow reeds for Spirit to come through us, to become our Cosmic selves, Healed and Knowing, integrating that Knowing into gnosis, which is put into ACTION to Accomplish what is needed to make the leap into the Age of Aquarius in a whole new way. In the Mayan kin, Ik as White Wind shows us what our gifts are and brings the messages of our higher selves authentic expressions. Are we ready? Of course, just listen to the Wind!

The Unified Kin as stated today is Red Resonant Moon, Synchronicity with the transition of the Moon into Capricorn as the 5th planet to activate this transformation and manifestation. Universal Water, Flow and Purification are the key terms and we certainly need this now! Washing us clean, Purifying our consciousness, bringing us into greater FLOW with Spirit, the Moon has deep Wisdom and teaching for us in how to restructure our society. This kin is also bringing this into the realms of our Hearts and FEELINGS, deeper empathy and compassion as stated before especially as Red Resonant Moon is joined by White Dog as always as the analog. Co-ruled by Mercury, the simultaneous transition of Mercury into Pisces as the Moon into Capricorn weaves the starts together, offering a sparking Unity as we Attune. Love, Heart and Loyalty are the codes of White Dog, just as our faithful companions show us how easy it is to Love, how to live from the Heart and be Loyal and trusted friends as is the Mayan key for this kin. Transmuting fears into Love, offering our Heart based living, these are all the Communication and Channeling we have been Receiving.

Yellow Human shows again here as the occult kin, twice as Resonant Tone and also as Cosmic in the Dreamtime. Triple the Influence of Free Will and Wisdom, we are shown how our sovereignty is so very important here. Alignment with Divine Will, a higher plan we are all a part of through collective consciousness, and in the ways we need to Communicate clearly in our Human bodies is the merging of both worlds. Pisces/Aquarius and Capricorn/Taurus are showing us the exact same messages here. Embodiment of our Spirits, coming fully aware and awake, here in these lives is what we are being called to. Chiron in Aries Healing the self-identity wound so that we can become our greatest potential HumanBeing shines through this Synchronicity. How the kin align with one another through the medicine wheel of the signatures is the map, the road, the labyrinth as Yellow Human is this exactly in the Mayan definition. It is the journey itself, the ever evolving spiral of self-awareness. Know Thyself.. Repetition is important for gnosis and deeper integration. The reintegration of Mary, Mother Mary and Magdalene, the Sophia Code which brings us back to Sophia Gaia, back into scriptures and our consciousness, the Moon is bringing this exact message. The Goddess rising, Divine Feminine in us ALL as we remember how to FEEL, our intuitive, emotional CONNECTING to one another that brings this whole transformation to where we have been wanting to take it. Into the HEART, into LOVE and commUNITY, Tribal connecting. The women have always been the care takers, the ones who held the Tribes and families together. It is the feminine Nurturing energy that the structures of control systems in the political and religious arenas have so desperately lacked. The fall was the feminine not rising to her power and expression as the masculine shouldered the weight of providing support while disconnecting from his FEELINGS and emotions. THIS is what we are Healing when we speak of Goddess rising, within men and women both.

Blue Resonant Storm is the antipod and offers the Self-Generation and Catalyzation of Energy. As we embody and awaken, we are reminded everything is ENERGY. We are Energy, all mater is Energy. The Catalyztion of one another is the Attunement, and we have been doing this work together all along. As we purge and Purify, washing away the dross and sleep, we are coming online fully, Channeling the same Spirit messages as one another, through one another, growing and becoming our full Cosmic selves together as One species, a Rainbow Tribe, to Create a better way of living together on Earth. Blue Storm is ruled by Pluto, the transformations that are being Catalyzed within Capricorn come from the Thunder Beings of Blue Storm. The electric ignition of our kundalini systems is how the frequencies are being amplified and transmitted. The ionosphere is where lightning happens, and a Purification happens of the air and thus a Healing and killing of viruses. Ionized Water is Healing for a reason, walking on the beach feels so good because of this physics. This knowledge is how we Heal and cleanse this virus from our bodies, minds, hearts and Spirits.

Look within, see and listen to what Spirit is showing you within this message. We KNOW and have always known because Source/Love/God/Goddess has never left us. We simply slipped out of alignments, and the Resonance is the Attunement back to calibration with the frequencies that are in the FLOW as we click back into place. PEACE is the result, Peace within that then Resonates and Reflects back into the whole with ripples and waves of the Love and Harmony that we all have access to at the core of our Being.

The guide is Red Resonant Dragon, back to the codes of Birthing, Nurturing and Being. This is the epitome of the Divine Feminine, as the chalice of the womb is for BIRTHING after all! This New Earth we are Birthing is coming through us just as we are being Birthed through Gaia. The Universal Water is the amniotic fluid around us, and we are Nurturing this process with all of our Love, compassion, and emotional intelligence. Red Dragon is ruled by Neptune, basking with the Sun in Pisces. The Birthing as the Sun leaves Pisces and starts the Spring cycle over again in Aries is being overseen and Nurtured by the ancestral prowess of Red Dragon. Our Elders are calling us back into comUnion with the Earth, with nature, and ways of living that are Spiritually connected to the elements, to life and all that is here within this planet as the beautiful gift it is. As this is also a Resonant Tone, the Attunement and Inspiration that Channels through as the Dragons offer service is incredibly powerful! This is also a Galactic Activating Portal Kin, and no doubt at the Heart of this transition portal stimulating Saturn manifestations right into the Age of Aquarius.

The Moon and Divine Feminine are here within us, held and balanced in Union with the Divine Masculine that has been restructuring within our consciousness and is now manifesting and embodying in what we are choosing to co-Create with 2020 Vision of the Blue Eagle, as the Rainbow Love Warriors we are, Hearts and Minds aligned with the Spirit Communication that Flows freely through us. Stepping into our full missions and service to Gaia, Humanity as Cosmic Star Beings, this is the time to merge all of this Awareness into our lives on the 3D plane. The dimensions are aligning with the planets, and we are offered the opportunity to FLOW with the highest potentials of a Divine Plan we made together even before we created religions. This is the coming together of all paths, all belief systems, with tolerance, compassion, empathy, nurturing Love for all our Kin, Human, Animal, Plant, Celestial. Universal Water is the archetype of the Cosmic Womb from which all of creation Birthed, will die and return to, and reBirth again. Are you FEELING it? Gratitude for our ability to FEEL, so that we can somatic-ally integrate what we Know. The Time is NOW. We are here, and no longer waiting. We are BEING and Acting from this Heart based emotional intelligence. With deep respect and Love, Namaste, In’Lakech, Aloha, I LOVE YOU.

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