Spring Equinox, Blue Self-existing Monkey, Playful Magic and Rebirth for Gaia’s Children


Today is March 20,2020, Happy Spring Equinox! We have seen with this greater Vision of 2020 that all is hidden in plain sight, all of these Blue Eagle codes, that Jupiter is expanding and giving us that higher view so we can see what Pluto with Saturn and Mars is unearthing for us to look at. Yesterday was White Electric Dog + 10 Chickchan, Red Planetary Serpent = Blue Cosmic Eagle, the clear Vision at the highest peak, made from LOVE and Heart added to Survival and Life Force. The kin for today is Blue Self-existing Monkey, kin 251, the kin of 9/11/01 the day the Twin Towers fell in NY. The Tower card is here again, toppling the old systems of domination and control Illusions by using the Playfulness of our rebirthing to innocence and purity that is accessed through our own MAGIC. The Form, Definition and Measuring of what we held as the right structures of Capricorn are all being challenged. The Illusions are being cleared, veils lifted. Form, Definition and Measuring in this kin is taking stock of our reality and what we would rather experience, how to get from here to there, finding the Truth in all that is happening so that fear doesn’t take over.

Blue Monkey and Yellow Star are ruled by Venus, which is aligned with Uranus in Taurus still. The feminine rEvolution is bringing us to the balance of Herstory coming into how we Heal and rewrite the past templates and programming that has brought us to the times we are living in. Uranus rules Aquarius, so the Taurus earthly grounding and manifestations are in alignments with the Age of Aquarius dawning that this rebirth is leading to. Our inner child in Blue Monkey reminds us to Play, to find the laughter and joy in life! These times are really showing us that gratitude and appreciation for that is essential.

The guide here is Blue Hand, Healing, Accomplishment and Knowing, a return to the awareness that we are the HANDS of God, we are the way that all of this Play is played. Our sovereignty comes from our awareness of how Knowing is an intuitive, direct line to God/Goddess/Source. Accomplishment happens when we let go into the Flow of life, allowing our higher selves to come through with ease and grace. Healing is needed now to raise us into the frequencies and vibrations as well as calm us simply so we are not giving into the fear.

This virus CAN be healed, we are adapting to it as we do. Strengthening our immune systems, staying in a calm and optimistic yet aware mindset is key. Form, Definition and Measuring of this Tribe offers the healing through natural sources, the plant medicine, herbs and especially immune boosting supplements. Getting plenty of fresh, clean, water, exercise, sleep, and connections so we don’t feel too isolated, all are important for our Healing and staying healthy through this virus pandemic. Blue Hand is ruled by the Earth, Healing and Knowing come from connection with Gaia, tuning in and listening, being aware of what is happening on our planet and our place within it shows deeply and importantly now.

Yellow Star as the analog reminds us to use Art, Beauty and Elegance, to return to the Beauty Way of the Native Americans, the reparations that Heal all lands through our paying heed to the ancestral wisdom. Art has always been the expression of the flow of our Spirits, the Creative Spark that is our greatest potential shining through our expressions.

Form, Definition and Measuring offers us a way to make that all tangible and accessible, to have a way to communicate that we can mutually understand. This echoes Capricorn energy as it is the physical plane, how we interact with this 3D Earthly life. Ruled by Venus as stated above, the Beauty of this planet Earth is reminding us what is at steak, what we have done and can do to regenerate and restore the gift we have of being Human and our responsibility to our roles here.

Art is the way beyond Time is Money, into Time is Art, the root message of the Dreamspell. Accessing our gifts and skills as we offer service to one another brings joy and deeper meaning to life. Art connects us, inspires us, lifts us up beyond the drudgery of the life created to just work to survive. As we find solutions to our needs and realize we have the ways to implement them so that everyone is taken care of, we are freed to create, to experience life with far less stress and frustration.

There are better ways of getting our needs met. If we simply take all the money and focus we have given to fighting one another and agree to live Peacefully, we would free up our resources dramatically. Cooperation on how to create and distribute them so we are globally taken care of gives us the time to see Art as important. Without Art, the Earth is just eh! 

Red Dragon is the antipod, what we are still integrating and learning, as we Nurture this rebirth of Being. The reset of the Spring Equinox is within the Red Dragon, as it is kin 1 in the Tzolkin, always the reset and rebirth of each cycle after we culminate with the Yellow Sun. Nurturing energy is the most needed now! The feminine Nurturing is in all of us. Reaching out, making sure everyone is fed and cared for, we are given this opportunity to really show this. Form, Definition and Measuring is a way to say we are being tested as to how we rose to the occasion on 9/11/01 and how we can do this time differently to be even better at responding with Love and Nurturing, compassion and empathy. It is the review of the past, pushing us to realize just how imperative Peace on Earth is. We are one species all affected in every country by the COVID-19 virus. This is the reset, Red Dragon and Spring Equinox as it goes into tomorrow of Saturn entering Aquarius, where Jupiter and eventually Pluto in 2024 will join in. These are slower moving, generational planets, and they hold the energy of larger cycles. Mars as one of the inner planets will move with Saturn first, bringing the masculine energy into the Aquarian brotherhood Unity consciousness. This is supported and in alignments with the feminine Red Dragon, and the union of both sides within us is part of the rebirthing. Balance, unions and conscious relationships are a key part of this whole cycle of Humanity. How we learn to relate is how we will Heal and come together through the transformations.

White Planetary Dog, ruled by Mercury, heart and mind, is the occult hidden helper. Yesterday was White Electric Dog, Service, Bonding and Activation. LOVE, Heart and Loyalty Perfected, Produced and Manifested in the 10th tone White Dog today is the way that the phoenix rises from the ashes of our past mistakes and shadows as a species. Learn from history, and remember we can and are always writing OURstory, what we choose to embody in the present moment. Love as the energy of what we have termed God/Goddess, as the feeling of being connected with Life and all that is, offers us a neutral central space for all religions, all belief systems. Love and being Heart led, our Loyalty to our family and friends, how we stay connected is what is coming up as the main message through this COVID 19 scenario. This is a Planetary tone, literally bringing us to think globally. It is 10, completion, the ending of a cycle and the bridge to another.

Note that the Mayan kin is 11 Kimi, White Spectral Worldbridger, back to the Life-Death-Life cycles and the Illusions that have been the veils over how we have believed in old programming and paradigms. We loop back to the same codes, offering another bridge between the past and present within a few days of one another. Spectral tone 11 is Dissolving, Releasing and LIBERATION. We are brought forwards, transmuting the energy into a new, usable form. Kimi is the Rainbow Bridge as we have been saying, the connection between the worlds and dimensions, always joined in analog with Red Skywalker, the Star Wars saga and epic journey of balancing our shadow and light. The ruler of these kin is Mars, which is in exact alignments with Jupiter at 22 degrees, and only 2 degrees off with Pluto at 24 degrees in Capricorn. The Age of Aquarius song literally states that this is what leads to Peace! Yes, these cycles reoccur, yet the exact alignments are pretty wild! Couple that with the stellium in Capricorn, all the build up from the past few years of these conjunctions, that it is Spring Equinox exactly, and that we have a major life or death situation playing out and these times are showing that NOW is what was sung about in an even more dramatic way. Spectral tones are always guided by their own kin, 11:11 activators. The mantra of White Spectral Worldbridger shows the Equality through Dissolving the rules and regulations that have kept the elite so far above the majority of the world’s population.

I Dissolve in order to Equalize
Releasing Opportunity
I seal the store of Death
with the Spectral Tone of Liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled.

Yellow Spectral Warrior is the antipod, a powerful Rainbow Warrior code, leading the rEvolution through Love and Intelligence of Questioning Fearlessly. This is how we look to Question the old ways, challenging the structures of society as it is ruled by Saturn/Capricorn. Yellow Warrior and Blue Night have been offering the masculine and feminine balance in this restructuring, as our Intuition and Abundance is Questioned, brought to light to be rewritten and created by those who see a better way for ALL. The solutions are available, and we are the ones we have been waiting for to implement them.

The occult kin is Blue Electric Eagle, bringing us back to the Higher Mind Vision of what is the best possible solution for the transformation and rEvolution. Ruled by Jupiter, and a symbol of the USA as well as a powerful Native American totem animal, Blue Eagle holds codes of Peace and Unity, true leadership and what that means. Creativity from the collective consciousness takes the higher view into account, and holds us to a higher standard of integrity, where Bonding, Activation and Service are the focus rather than being the top down authorities that have ruled our world so disastrously. It is Time to take our sovereignty into our own hands, to connect with the Earth and learn again how to honor Her Wisdom and guidance.

The Unified kin here is thus 11/4 + 6/11 = 17/15 = 17/2, Red Lunar Earth, the Polarization, Stabilization and Challenge of balancing the Earth energies of Capricorn/Saturn (Yellow Warrior and Blue Night) and Taurus/Venus which rules Blue Monkey and Yellow Star. The rEvolution of the Earth through Synchronicity and Navigation of how we Stabilize Polarities is the exact energy shown by Uranus and Venus in Taurus as Red Earth and White Wind are ruled by Uranus with Aquarius. Grounding out this energy, looking to solutions for all that has been brought up to be seen, Nurtured and Loved so we can bring the fear to regenerative solutions within our communities through the ascension and Spiritual rEvolution of the Age of Aquarius. The time is now!

The analog kin of Red Earth is White Wind, again bringing us the Spirit Communication about Breath and how very important that is to Life. Respiratory viruses that show us how we have to be more connected to valuing life here, to how we take care of one another and show up. A Spirituality led life comes from a place of Heart and Love, a direct connection to listening to guidance from our higher selves as well as God/Source/Goddess/Love/Great Spirit or scientifically as the fact that we are truly interconnected through the air, earth and water. This cannot be denied and has been made a main focus of this year 2020.

The antipod is back to Blue Hand, where the Healing, Knowing and Accomplishment of the guide of Blue Self-existing Monkey is reflected. All that applied above is found here, one Synchronicity that shows how these kin are woven together, with Unity as the intentions through a Peaceful rEvolution. When we Heal ourselves, we Heal everything as all is connected. The Earth is showing us where she has been sick, and how we are a major part of causing that. We need Her medicine to offset that which doesn’t live in harmony within our bodies made of Earth themselves.

The guide of Red Lunar Earth is Red Lunar Moon, again, to the Universal Water, Flow and Purification that has been showing the balance of the Moon feminine energy with the masculine Purification in Capricorn. The Stabilization of the Polarities coming into greater Flow through the Purification of the Water which is the key to Life in this physical reality along with air, Aquarius, the Water bringer who is an air sign. The vessel in which Aquarius carries the Water/Energy is made of Earth. All elements are important and needed for the totality of living in the physical realm. It is the feminine Nourishing and Nurturing that brings us back to this awareness.

The occult kin is Yellow Crystal Seed, Targeting Awareness of Flowering of Human Consciousness as we Cooperate, Dedicate and Universalize all of these insights. We are in this together! Yellow Seed holds the potentials of the entire forest in one acorn, and shows how each individual matters and is connected. We have seen how trees talk to one another, and how the root systems of the redwoods are a support system that each tree is part of the holding up and life force of all the others in their network. As our forests burned down, we did not fully wake up and listen… yet now the air we breathe is being challenged again by this virus outbreak. It is time to Seed a better world by literally turning to food forests, fruit trees that are public-ally accessible, how we can grow our food and have our resources more readily accessed and equally distributed.

Here is a very obvious key that the Earth and Humanity are intertwined as the Schumann resonance in our brains is the same as the frequencies of the Earth. We are integrally connected. These two kin, Red Lunar Earth and Yellow Crystal Seed are in the cross of Galactic Activation Portals, heralding the New Earth. How we learn to regenerate and work in harmony with the Earth is the way to bring this all around. Permaculture, community gardens, clean energy systems, all of this is mandatory now. To Stabilize the Polarities of Light and Dark, of good and evil, evolved and unevolved awareness is really all that is. Our ascension and awakening is this awareness coming into the whole web of consciousness, thus giving the Form greater meaning through Liberation of what needs to be transformed. Let the Towers fall! Let’s gather the rubble and recycle it into eco villages of Healing where we access our Self-existing Self-identities as the Cosmic Beings we were born to be, as Gaia’s children. This is the Magic and Playfulness that Blue Monkey can bring to lighten the past mistakes and rise into a better present and future together, through the Rainbow Bridge of Life-death-life cycles into a Spring that brings growth and Joy. This reset has tremendous potentials. We owe it to ourselves and our Earth to access them and leap into a new way of living!

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