Saturn Transitions into Aquarius, Sun into Aries with Chiron

3/21/2020 Age of Aquarius, Zodiac New Year

Saturn transitions into Aquarius today, March 21, 2020 for half the world, March 22, 2020 for the other half. The Moon and Mercury, Heart and Mind, align together in Pisces, Sun moving into Aries with Chiron, Healing the core, the original God Sol, the Sun, self, all of this goes within to this rebirthing of Spring in this cycle of 2020. This is the real beginning of Spring in that Aries is the restart of the Zodiac. Trines and sextiles create a pyramid or volcano like shape again, with the square of Uranus in Taurus to Saturn and Pluto. There is an unwritten T-square with Chiron in Aries and the North and South Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer at 4 degrees. Balancing the past and future, masculine and feminine, feeling and physical body structures, we are shown again that the union of oppositions through the awareness and acceptance of their existence is the whole reason for the interplay of duality, which is the structure of the physical plane in a nutshell. As we assess the damage of the fall of the Towers, we are now birthing into the Aquarian Age through Saturn. The conjunctions are still active, the degrees are all still within 6-7. This physical plane experience is showing us just how much we need to give our all to the rebirth. Venus and Mars are holding the base of the Trine in Earth, Capricorn to Taurus. Our feelings of nurturing and what we need to survive let alone to be comfortable are still fully active. Reconstructing through regeneration, Permaculture, community support and care, ways people are offering help and concern are amplifying the awareness we are all connected, and compassion is key.

In the Dreamspell calendar, we see March 21, 2020 is Yellow Overtone Human, Free Will, Wisdom and Influence to Empower and Command Radiance. Tone 5 is the halfway point, it is the starfish, da Vinci’s man, our very essence of what it means to be in the physical plane from a core center and how we Radiate that out by Empowering and Commanding our sovereignty to make better choices. Are we in alignment with Divine Will, with the Spirit messages of the Age of Aquarius and Pisces higher plane potentials? How are we embodying all this Wisdom about kundalini, our immune systems, what it means to be ALIVE in a physical body? This virus scare is pushing us to not take it for granted, to get really real about what we see in what is happening. This is another version of a virus that has been around long enough to be named on Clorox products as the corona virus! Yet it has mutated, and because it is seeking to survive as it adapts to our immune systems. We must be MORE ADAPTABLE to how we evolve our immunity on ALL LEVELS.

Blue Hand Healing shows up again as the analog, White Wind the antipod as the Messages, Spirit and BREATH, again, remembering that the airborne aspects of viruses show us how interconnected we are. Yellow Sun is the guide, offering us a chance to look at what it means to be Enlightened, thus seeing the LIGHT, corona rings around celestial bodies, surrounding the shadows we are learning to grow from and out of. Red Solar Moon, 9/9 is the occult, Universal Water to Sun’s Universal Fire, the basis of Life through Flow and Purification. Wash your hands, wash your space, clear and clean your awareness so that we are resilient Spiritually as well as physically to overcome this challenge. 9/9 is the end of a cycle, the Solar and Moon energies together, the union of masculine and feminine energies, the Human coming into oneness and inner union through the Sun and the Moon. This goes back to the Eclipses we have had in the past few years.

The Mayan kin is a return again to the Crystal tone 12 with Blue Crystal Hand, a mirror of Yellow Human. Healing, Accomplishment and Knowing through Cooperation, Universalizing and Dedication. Recognition that this virus is WORLD WIDE, that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER as a Human species, it cannot be ignored now. We must come together to Heal and Accomplish this by integration of this Knowing. No more hiding our heads in the sand, the cat is out of the bag along with the bat!!! We are here, and we have the Opportunity to rise out of this with more Nurturing support than ever. Yellow Human and Blue Hand are partners, co-ruled by the Earth Herself, Gaia, even viruses are part of NATURE as we are on this floating blue and green marble together. What are we going to Empower and Command that offers the Healing of our past and the Accomplishment of our present for our children’s futures?!

Blue Hand has analog of Yellow Human, teamed up as the left hand and the right hand in synchronicity Knowing what the other is doing as we click into place and alignments together to Accomplish Influence of Free Will with Wisdom and Healing. The antipod is back to Red Crystal Earth, the other side of the GAP cross to Red Lunar Earth that we saw yesterday as the Unified Kin. This is a powerful portal indeed! The occult kin is White Lunar Wizard, with the Polarities Stabilization and Challenge of us rising into our highest Wizard selves. The guide is Blue Crystal Storm, linking to the below Unified Kin. This shows that the guidance is coming from Spirit, from above, our Higher Selves and Source/Love/God/Goddess however this feels right to each of us.

Add these kin together and the Unified Kin is 12/5 + 7/12 = 19/17 = 19/4, 4 Kawak Blue Self-existing Storm. Again, we loop around to the 4th Tone Self-existing which holds the 10th Tone Planetary as the occult. White Planetary Wind offers Spirit Messages through the Breath of Gaia, the Wind, air element which is Aquarius, we see another synchronicity here. Blue Storm is Catalyzation, Energy and Self-Generation. It is flanked by Yellow Sun and Red Moon as analog and antipod, again, the Sun and Moon union is the way to the eye of the storm. Blue Eagle is the guide, yet another Higher Mind Vision 2020 code, truly Know Thyself as the messages, Create from the Vision of Higher Mind. The Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries is very much a reflection of this kin, as is the New Moon happening this weekend in Aries. The Storm of Self-Generation of Self-Awareness is key to individuals taking our places to weather the Storm of this Purification towards Enlightenment of what we want our structures, laws and regulations to be to support us in a very tangible, real way. How are we interacting with the Earth, and the weather cycles, climate warming, all of it is shown here for us to take a look at so we can use this lightning boost of awareness to reset and clear away what isn’t serving us in REAL LIFE living on the planet Earth, through these celestial activations and connection with our Spirituality and the Energy that science sees it all as.

This portal has been seen as the Age of Aquarius coming fully online. Aquarius rules technology, electrical impulses, rEvolution, the age of brotherhood and sisterhood where we come together as one family and Tribe however we can. This doesn’t mean that we lose our individuality, it means we offer greater acceptance and compassion for each other, respect and caring for each other’s beliefs. This is challenging as many beliefs are Polarities still. How do we reconcile these differences? How do we express this Oneness with tolerance, patience and kindness, letting live and be so long as it doesn’t harm us directly? There are questions about this, and Humanity didn’t create separation and dissonance in one week, so we can’t hope to dissolve and heal it all in a short time without some miraculous blink of an eye experience. If that happens, wonderful! If it takes time, we are at the least coming into the realizations of more and more people waking up to see this potential and seeking solutions. Astro Butterfly mentioned Saturn in Aquarius as social distancing, as this being the time for the restructuring of how we follow rules and social regulations so that the chaos of what hasn’t been working can find better discipline.

We are here to assist this transformation as the waves of people who have been training for this for years in various ways. It is time to shine our gifts, our Healing, our Presence and offer the Radiance of our Wisdom to Cooperation and Dedication to a better Universalized Aquarian Energy Generation. How we Generate Energy on all levels, REGeneration of the Earth, as Spring comes and invites us to plant the Seeds so we can care for ourselves from a local level, with more autonomy and commUnity focus. All the good of Aquarius is opening to embodiment and manifestations on the physical Earth within our lives. We will come through this virus, we will Survive, and the Wisdom we gain we are ready to apply. Gratitude for all that people are giving, how we are rising up, showing up, and actualizing this transition! Let the Sunshine in! Welcome Spring and Rebirth of another rung in the spiral.

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