Cosmic Culminations, New Beginnings 


Yellow Cosmic Sun, Sun in Aries with Chiron, Blue Resonant Eagle Reflected Twice, Cycles End within Spring as we ReBirth

Today we culminate another cycle of the Tzolkin in the Dreamspell the end of the Yellow Star wavespell with Yellow Cosmic Sun, 13th Tone and 20th Tribe.

I Endure in order to Enlighten
Transcending Life
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire
with the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Flowering
I am a Galactic Activation Portal Enter Me

Yellow Sun is the inner fire, the Universal Fire, that is the heat of the Sun as well as the Spiritual fire that awakens us. The first god was the Sun, Sol, as we recognized that Life grew in the warmth of the Sun. As we move into Spring, we are realizing that growing our own food, taking charge of our own survival, is key. The elements necessary for this are WATER and SUNSHINE or Light, full spectrum Light. Of course, the seeds and soil are necessary, they are the Earth element. And clean Air, because if we cannot breathe, if the plants cannot breathe, death is inevitable. I am going to take this to a very practical merge with the Spiritual messages as solutions. I have written the process over and over, yet HOW do we apply this knowledge? Here it is quite simply, yet the actual actions we have to come up with the solutions within our communities, in real time, as humans on this planet earth facing a drastically changed experience.

Cosmic tone 13 is the number of the Goddess, so we have the original God Sol and the Goddess coming together, showing how important the union of masculine and feminine energy is. We can’t just look to a male figurehead to save us, we have to reach the full and real balance of both polarities that WE HAVE NEVER FULLY REACHED. This isn’t about nostalgia. It is about the present moment and the future, what does it mean to actually get it RIGHT? What is right? Cosmic Tone 13 is Presence, which we are now restricted to online and distance of, showing us to not take that for granted, the hugs, kisses, intimacy and closeness of loved ones. Endurance, which goodness knows we have to have in great supply right now. Transcendence. What does THIS one mean? It means rising above, getting beyond the old programming, getting beyond the old storylines, overcoming what has been toxic in our minds, hearts, Spirits, and thus in our bodies. It is about alchemy, how the energy of existence filters into existence from the subtle to the gross, meaning from Spiritual energy, to thought and feeling, and then into spoken/written word even if symbolically, and finally into physical form. The reason many are saying this is a Spiritual war is because it starts at the very subtle realm of energetics that we have termed Source/God/Goddess/Love whatever you term this overall aspect of reality. If that isn’t clear, the subsequent alchemy won’t be clear. Start with junk, get junk. Start with fresh, clear, clean, pure ingredients, get a fresh, clear, clean pure product. Transcendence is about seeing and knowing what the better version is, and going into it out of the old that wasn’t working.

This culmination of the wavespell is a synchronicity of the “end times” we are facing, just as the entry to Aries from Pisces in the Zodiac and the coming of Spring, is the turning of the wheel, the cyclical march of time and how that affects our solar system, within the space that is physical existence. Tomorrow, we enter Red Dragon wavespell, the flight into the mystical Birthing, Being, Nurturing. What we have brought forward as the above wisdom will be put to the test, what are we bringing forwards? How are we creating a NEW WORLD. Life was never fully great here in any country. A few may have it great in financial ways, very few have had a great life in all ways, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. How many people do you know who can say they are fully “living the life?” It is time to take stock not of monetary hording and pursuit, of what MATTERS what is essential to us to live a good life. That doesn’t mean what is essential for survival. We start there, as we have to pair back, to understand that level first. Food, water, shelter, clothing, cleaning products, what is essential to you as basic daily routines to stay alive? Yet, how ALIVE are we? When we don’t have connection, physical interactions, touch, intimacy, art, music, FUN, playfulness and a feeling that life is worth living, we are merely existing, not fully LIVING and Thriving as we have the potentials to do.

Looking at the astrology, there are clues here to remind us. Blue Storm as the analog was the kin yesterday, Blue Crystal Storm, where Cooperation, Dedication and Universalizing was the tone. Now, we have the Sun as Universal Fire, reminding us of the above necessities of Universal Water as well that is Red Moon. Blue Cosmic Storm comes to clear and cleanse, also to invigorate and bring sovereignty. The terms are Catalyzation, Self-generation and Energy. Right here we see as has been stated above, we get to the core of Energy, and how that is happening within each part of the whole, how is the Self-generation of Energy happening, and what is the quality of that Energy? Catalyzation then is how each part of the whole affects one another. If we are able to be within the Eye of the Storm of our own Energy system, our Presence, the merkabah, the torodial field, and Endure while maintaining this level of Transcendence, we are much more powerful and have the potential to offer Catalyzation to the outside world with more coherence.

The antipod is White Cosmic Dog, 10/13, the very center of the Tzolkin at the end of the cycle. Have we integrated the lessons of Love, Heart and Loyalty within our Presence, Endurance to Transcend the challenges of this cycle? White Dog is Wolves, the pack mentality, where we are fiercely protective and supportive of the whole, where the sick and lame are taken care of and the speed of the pack matches what they are capable of sustaining. Wolves are loyal and incredibly instinctual creatures. The Love and are Heart led in this awareness if we watch them closely. Domestic dogs are as well, and are the Loyal archetype, man’s best friend. When we recognize this as being the Unconditional Love we have been speaking of within the Spiritual awareness, we can see we have a template to follow within the animal totems. Our Presence with one another matters dearly now. Our ability to Endure and maintain connections is imperative to our survival. Transcending the old social structures so that we are Heart led in our interactions, so that LOVE is in every thought, word and deed with one another even if we have disagreements and harsh exchanges. Can we hold that Love and Heart connection, integrating our Emotional Intelligence and ACTING from this? This IS about relationships. It is about our relationships to ourselves, to each other, to our social constructs, to the COVID-19 virus and thus the whole of the Earth. It is about the Heart connections, and the Mind connections, how we interact with our existence colors what experience we have. Bring this in with Yellow Sun and Blue Storm and we see how our Transcendence, Presence, and Endurance is intricately interwoven with our relationships and how we communicate. White Dog is ruled by Mercury, currently in Pisces again with Neptune, at the peak of the cycle, ready to come into Aries and begin anew as we enter the Red Dragon wavespell. Spirit alignments are happening within our Hearts and Minds, from the Higher Mind which will be shown below in the Mayan and Unified Kin, Blue Resonant Eagle, code 777/15

The occult kin here is the next wavespell leader, Red Magnetic Dragon. We are getting a taste of the next cycle within the day we culminate the current one. Red Dragon is Nurturing, Birthing, Being with Magnetic tone 1 Attracting, Magnetizing and Purpose. What is the Purpose of our Birthing into this next phase, this next cycle? What Being are we Magnetizing and Attracting into this Birthing based on the frequencies and vibrations of our Energy? What do we choose to BE in this next cycle? In real scientific terms, how are we choosing to create daily life from the lessons we are learning as we end this cycle and move forwards? How do we end this cycle of this viral pandemic? What solutions do we have and how do we Nurture the whole of our species as we figure out how to come out of this so we can begin again? Life will never be the same after this. Taking stock of all the Cosmic culmination energy above, what are we bringing forwards and what are we putting in as the energy received from the Dissolving and Releasing cycle of White Spectral Mirror that we had two days ago? What did we Dedicate all of this last cycle to yesterday during Blue Crystal Storm? How are we Cooperating to bring it all into Fruition and reBirth anew? To put it bluntly, are we acting together as Humanity from country to country, and even as the groups within our own countries? Are we Nurturing and caring about what is happening to others or just in survival mode every man for himself? We know we cannot do that anymore, and this new awareness from a very scientific level is showing us that fact.

Red Dragon is ruled by Neptune with White Mirror. This is why we look back now to the Spectral tone 1111 day White Mirror, where we take a hard look in the Mirror around us, the reflections of what we get in response to what we have put out and to show us what we have been channeling. Compost that shit! Bring it into the gardens we are Seeding metaphorically and literally. Community gardens, personal gardens, grow food instead of lawns! Use our resources wisely, choose to Birth into a more Aware and response-able society and Being on this planet so that we are regenerative rather than consumptive and destructive. Red Dragon is offering the Firey breath through Yellow Sun, to alchemize and activate the Seeds to grow from Love and Heart Awareness, to be Nurtured by the Water and Energy of the Storms that is this Age of Aquarius. Indeed, Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces is offering the wisdom of the Dragon as we are exiting the last Zodiac cycle as well as this Tzolkin cycle and beginning anew. Sun with Chiron in Aries offers the Healing and inner Fire that is the Self-actualization that is needed to Seed the whole garden. Each Seed as we are can grow into a beautiful, Life giving plant that offers the Fruition of our Enlightenment. Each person who gets these messages of merging Spiritual Awareness into the ReBirthing of Being, how we actually show up and ACT as individuals, offers hope for the new way of Life we have to Create.

The guide is Yellow Cosmic Seed 4/13, as we Flower from the Seeds we planted the last cycle, we are seriously taking a look at the Fruition and what we have on hand for FOOD. In the Mayan kin, Yellow Seed is Kan, corn, food. It represents business because that is how we literally put bread on the table. How have our busy-nesses offered us a stock supply of sustenance? Have they? We are coming up hard against an agricultural system that as been capable of producing clean, healthy, abundant food for everyone on the planet, yet is held back by the greed and corruption of corporations, money driven systems where the profit is more important than the ethics of the businesses. The Presence of the Awareness is Targeting where we need regenerative solutions for the Flowering and Fruition of what we are sewing. In order to reap the benefits, we must look to the Seeds, the soil, the ways we are putting all of this into place at the beginning. Here we are, at the culmination of a cycle in all time sequences, and Birthing into the NEW cycle, Sun and Chiron in Aries, about to go into Red Dragon a new wavespell, Yellow Seed is asking us to take a good look at this fundamental reality. The Sun offers Light and Fire/heat to grow Seeds. The Seeds themselves are the culmination and physical alchemy of how we exist on this planet. Within our Spirituality as well, what we Seed in Energy, becomes thoughts, words deeds, becomes our reality. We are in a hologram in that it responds to our Presence, to our Energy signatures, our frequencies and vibrations that become physical matter. Food is on everyone’s minds now and the excrement afterwards, the rush for toilet paper is the Awareness that what we put in we are going to get out. Do we have enough to cleanse ourselves of the toxicity we have poured into our existence?! Think about it. This is not just about the literal SHIT we are putting out from eating food. It is about the shit we are dealing with from an existential perspective. Rudolph Steiner posited that viruses are merely cell excrement of toxins. Is it possible that what we are up against is just the result of toxic buildup within our environment that has led to the threat of our very existence? Haven’t we been hearing this potential for years now? This is no surprise, really. However, how we deal with it, how we compost the toxicity and learn to return it energetically, physically, psychically, in all ways, is how we access the Awareness of cycles that Yellow Seed provides.

Yellow Seed is ruled by Jupiter, in exact conjunction with Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn, with Mars at 29 degrees about to transition to join Saturn in Aquarius. Here, we see the physical restructuring we have been speaking about, the breakdown of the old patriarchal dogmatic belief systems that have caused this mess in the greed and “logical” disconnection from our intuitive, feminine NURTURING energy. This is not a blame game, it is simply LOOKING at how we have lost track. The feminine fall has also happened as Sophia is the Wisdom and Christ is the Logos, the word. When we disconnect the two, we have words and physical manifestation that Capricorn and Saturn represent, the structural integrity of our very existence, the foundations, laws, rules and regulations that have been the masculine doing the best he can to try to set these in place without the nurturing caring intuitive feminine showing up at his side. He blocked her out for fear of her shadow, her temptress, seductive shadow that used sexuality to control and manipulate just as he used power, domination and violence to control her. When these two Energies are out of balance, when they are magnets turned the wrong way around, they repel, they are fearful, they push away and create division and separation, segregation and racism, sexism, classicism, all the ways we have kept ourselves apart. Love and Heart based intuition, the feminine Nurturing Energy rising has been the key because it is the Great Mother. Pistis Sophia, the Wisdom, that has to infuse the Logos for it to be a good and pure manifestation. Jupiter offers this Memory as Red Dragon represents above. The expansion and beneficial turn of the tides to the foundational restructuring of Pluto and the innovative, beginning, childlike Energy of Mars, the masculine Logos, the Christ, the word as alchemy moves from subtle to gross manifestation, we are bringing back the Wisdom that is emotional intelligence, the merger again in LOVE of the masculine and feminine energies within us. Heart and Mind, all of these building blocks that we use to Tetris this Awareness, the Seeds, are where we must look to make this all right. The literal Seeds of food and the Seeds of consciousness. The Moon is in Gemini, the Twins, the duality that has to merge and work together for the coherence of Mercury to bring these messages home. The feminine balanced with the masculine, the Heart and Mind of White Dog intuition with Wisdom and Intelligence. Logos infused with Awareness.

Call in now the Mayan AND the Unified Kin as Yellow Cosmic Sun reflects back the combined kin to itself, Blue Resonant Eagle 15/7, the other kin ruled by Jupiter/Sagittarius. This is the social fire element, the expansion of Spirituality and Awareness that is the Higher Mind, the collective consciousness, the objective perspective that takes everything into account. When we soar above the Earth right now, what do we SEE? The Vision of the Creation that we are experiencing now is the Fruition of all we have Seeded before as we know. As we take stock of this Awareness, as we are the Eagles, the National bird of the United States of America, a powerful Native American totem animal, akin to the Lion and Lioness on the ground, this is the Air creature who is the King and Queen of the skies. Indeed, the archetype is about crowning ourselves, corona being the crown shaped virus, how we are rising our kundalini, our Life Force Energy, to become sovereign and fully embodied Soul Beings within Human bodies so we can grok the totality of our existence here now.

Blue Resonant Eagle is the 777 code, the balance point of the 13 tones. Resonant tone 7 is Channeling, Attunement and Inspiration. What we are receiving as the messages from Spirit/Source/God/Goddess/Love? How they are Channeling through each of us as the hollow reeds we must be to unite free will with divine will, Mind and Vision from the whole perspective, the entire elephant in the room? What are we Attuned to? Where do we receive Inspiration? Is it a clear, pure source that maturely takes everything into account, from science to religion/Spirituality, from every perspective of what Humanity has to offer? Jupiter is with Pluto overturning every rock to look at the Scorpions beneath and to extract the poisons that sting when we are afraid as a defense mechanism, so that we can Create the CURE to what we have set in motion. 1:11 as I write this. Which is the angel numbers of instant manifestation, where what we put out must be of the clearest intentions to reap what we would like to receive from them.

The analog here is Yellow Resonant Seed, reflecting back this same message. What we receive from the Seeds we planted is how we Channel and what we are Attuned to gather from the reaping of this sowing. Inspiration is also BREATH which is very much on our Minds and a real experience of a respiratory illness that has us on lockdown, pushed to Channel from a distance. This is a gift in a way for the Sun conjunction with Chiron in Aries, where we are pushed to Heal and look at the wounds within ourselves and how we are acting and showing up so that we do not cross contaminate. Compassion and empathy, thinking about those we may infect beyond the health of our own Being and our ability to build immunity to this virus. A virus can be a Seed, it grows and mutates, yet so can LOVE. So can these greater Awarenesses, the good Seeds of our collective consciousness and how that grows to bring us sustaining and regenerative food on all levels of Being. Return to what we just spoke of above, the Cosmic Presence, Endurance and Transcendence that we can Attune to and Channel as we offer Inspiration of how to use innovation of Aries passions and root energy to Create a new World. Literally, through gardening, growing food, learning how to Create our resources and distribute them so that the totality, the whole that Jupiter, Yellow Seed and Blue Eagle point to.

The antipod here is Red Resonant Serpent 5/7. Exactly what we see above, Red Serpent is the kundalini the caduceus symbol of our medical system, the serpents rising up the spine to crown us at the 7th chakra, the 7th seal. This is all built within the corona virus COVID-19, the crown shape as said before. Corona is also the ring around the Moon and Sun, or any celestial body. What creates that is the moisture in the air, the presence of particles that refract the LIGHT, Enlightenment of Yellow Sun, scientific awareness of how the physical realm works. Red Serpent is Life Force, Survival and Instinct. It is the limbic system, the fight, flight and freeze OR the rest and digest states of the body. It relates to the vagus nerve, the key part of the nervous system that regulates our bodies, literally how we Survive. Couple this with Resonant tone 7 Attunement, Channeling and Inspiration and we are brought back to our respiratory system. Are we able to BREATHE so that we can bring forward the Logos, the word, that is Channeling through the Attunement with Source/God/Goddess/Love our own sovereignty as we are That? Crowning and becoming our full embodiment, taking back our power and fully becoming our power of this Awareness is the ultimate message here. This is the merging of science and spirituality, where we realize both are at play here and both are needed for our Survival in that we become Aware of what has been used against us or for us within our experience of the human species on Earth. This is a culmination of all that we have created from all perspectives and whether we Survive or not comes from our ability to put aside the ways these systems are fighting against one another so we can create solutions. This is literally what it means to become crowned, to reach an Awareness of our inter-dependence and how we learn to use that to Survive and ultimately Thrive.

Blue Resonant Eagle is in the Red Moon wavespell, the intuition of the Moon, the feminine, the Shakti energy that rises up the spine as kundalini Life Force. Healing this virus has our focus now, the feminine Nurturing energy, empathy, compassion, caring for one another, this is the way the feminine comes to balance the masculine restructuring happening in the Capricorn to Aquarius conjunction as well as the Mercury Wisdom to Logos, Heart to Mind through the Sun conjunction with Chiron. This is again where I pose that Red Serpent and White Wizard be guided by Chiron rather than Maldek. We blew Maldek up because we didn’t heed the warnings, we lost our intellectual and logic of the masculine with the connection to the feeling and empathy of the feminine. Again, even if this is metaphorical stories, that is how we learn and teach each other. The archetypes of astrology are a way to show us how to navigate all of this and what a better way could be. This is the return to the HEART, where Chiron is the wounded Healer, physician heal thyself so that you can heal others. The Spring Aries Sun alignment with Chiron is exactly this. How we do so is through the Red Serpent and Blue Storm Self-generation of Energy within the kundalini systems, the crowning of our Enlightenment that then Resonates with the whole in Harmony. That is basically learning to work together as one species, learning to focus on what is before us and come through it with the maturity and full potentials of all the wisdom, intelligence, instincts and intuition applied to actually caring about Life and how it is happening here for everyone.

The guide here is Blue Resonant Hand 7/7, to further drive this message home. The Healing, Knowing and Accomplishment of Attunement to Inspiration from Spirit and our higher selves as the guide represents is the Healing that then can Channel from our individual frequencies to the whole. Our Knowing becomes gnosis, integration of the Wisdom of Sophia so that the Logos of Christ is made whole again. Whether we are religious or not, this is seen in ALL cultures, as Blue Eagle and Jupiter are pointing us to see. All messages coming from LOVE, from a connection with desiring to KNOW what is the greatest potential we have to BEING here on this planet Earth now as Humanity is Spirit within body, science integration. The facts of the virus and how it spreads,what it does in our bodies no matter what we believe, is challenging all our belief systems. We must take a look from scientific Awareness as well, how the physical plane operates. We strive to learn what is actually happening with our bodies and the totality of the system of this planet we are living on, into the Cosmos that we are a part of. Healing these rifts, Accomplishing this coming together and bringing Unity to ALL our Awareness, all of our Wisdom, is imperative now. A coherent Humanity that is affected by a common virus, common as it affects us ALL no matter what lines we try to draw between us, common that the corona virus is a common viral family. This is the NEW version of that, a representation of the cycle shift into the NEW we are seeking to Create, and how we must root out the weeds and compost the shit that was toxic from the past, Healing and generating and Attuning to gnosis integration of all of this as we do. We have to LIVE this wisdom, to fully apply it as we seek solutions.

The occult kin here is White Resonant Worldbridger 6/7. Death, Opportunity and Equalization which is again exactly what we see above. We have the Opportunity to see the Equality that this virus is showing us and allow to die what is toxic within us and our Creation on this planet and with one another. The Death we are seeing in so many people is horrific, apocalyptic, and is the Catalyzation of our Awareness to realization of how we need to figure out our very existence here or we will perish again like Maldek, or any story of failure to heed the Channeling of messages we are receiving about our human evolution. The G-force, or all the kin added together to create one kin, of Blue Resonant Eagle is Red Solar Earth, the Sun and Earth union working together to bring us to Awareness of our scientific Being here as physical embodiment with the Enlightenment that has been attempting to come through religion and now Spirituality. If we can marry the two, merge the Wisdom and Knowledge of what our Intuition/Instincts and Intelligence combined is saying, we can have the greater Vision of how to Transcend by Enduring through this experience, coming together within the greater picture of what is happening.

The North node in Cancer, the Great Mother, Sophia Gaia, there is Wisdom in these archetypes. If we listen to the Channeling of what is coming through, just how to reach Enlightenment and Create a better Earth experience is all here for us to find. Coming together, letting what has kept us from working together die so that we can Survive as a species is the root of the message. How we cross the Rainbow Bridge from one cycle to the next is up to our Visions of Creation from a higher vantage point, to see all the clues and synchronicity that is the navigational map we have available to follow. This is simply our own Knowledge base, our own ability to come to an Enlightened state as a whole through the empathy, compassion and care of realizing we are all in this together. The solutions are the basics, food, shelter, clean water, clean air, how to live in balance with our planet so that we can actually Survive. Within this, are the added Seeds of Awareness of the details. Breaking through the old programming and structures to rebuild a NEW EARTH as a species who recognizes the wolf pack mentality that nature shows us, the ways they are Loyal and for one another, and the ways that we can use our Human Minds and Hearts to Accomplish this with more emotional intelligence. What it means to actually be Human, and what our full potential of that is sums up these signs, archetypes and symbols brought through the celestial lenses of the Stars within the culmination of the Yellow Star wavespell. Time is Art, what is essential can only culminate in what also brings Beauty, Elegance and a sense of Life at its peak of experience. Each cycle takes us here, and also holds the beginnings of the new within the portals of Birthing. Nurture this time and Vision! Lets Seed a greater future through our actions in the Present Moment.

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